How to Create a Printable Voucher In Photoshop

Vouchers are a small printed piece of paper that entitles the holder to a discount, or that may be exchanged for products or services. Examples include gift, holiday, Christmas, travel, sports, etc. These are files that businesses use to store and keep documents that are utilized for invoice approvals, checks, receiving invoices, reports, purchase orders, and requests. Also, vouchers are used for business advertising.

Designing your printable voucher can be made more accessible and fun to unleash your creativity. Along with that, there are some basic and necessary guidelines you need to consider to nail a well-designed printable voucher.

1. List Down All the Basics

First off, identify all the required information to create a voucher. Usually, it includes the identification number of the supplier, the specific amount to be paid, the payment date, the accounts to be charged to record the liability, any applicable advance payment discount terms, and an approval signature or stamp. To correctly identify what relevant details you may want to include, have a detailed purpose of why you will create one. For instance, business advertising, gift promotion, or holiday and event marketing.

2. Keep your Voucher Design Simple

Do not overwhelm the customers with overdesigned vouchers. It only makes your material look unprofessional. Rather than overdoing your gift voucher design, think about what matters. Just keep simple.

3. Include a Voucher Security Features

Customer confidence and high brand reputation also come with security features. For your business voucher, avoid the most prominent threat when purchasing one. Secure your voucher using the various advanced security features. This comprises holograms, heat reactive inks, watermarked paper, micro text, and numbering. If used appropriately, these security features can add to the professional look of the voucher. They provide a great level of fraudulent conversion security, serve fast visible verification, and therefore can not be reproduced by photocopying or computer processing.

4.Indicate Call-to Action

Vouchers are also one way to advertise an event, product, or services. To help your potential customers do their part, emphasize a catchy call-to-action statement. Do not let your audience get confused and guess what they are going to do next. Provide them the easiest way to the next step. This creates a convenient user experience. Seal the deal by providing a smooth purchasing process. Example of call-to-action statements includes, "Call Now," "Find Out More," or "Visit a Store Today." Exclusive deals usually accompanied by a time constraint like "Order before midnight to receive a gift with your order." The key to an effective call-to-action is to provide customers with favorable reasons to purchase directly.

5. Download a Printable Voucher Template

Creating a voucher template can be done quickly using a downloadable template. For added convenience, freely check out the samples featured on this page. After you have chosen a compatible voucher template, open and edit it in Adobe Photoshop. This program provides you with graphic and design tools to nail a printable voucher.

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