How to Make a Printable Flyer in Adobe Photoshop

Flyers are identified as one of the cheapest yet the most useful way you can advertise your products and services compared to brochures, billboards, and others. The Direct Marketing Association presented a survey result to find out the flyer or leaflet distribution response rate where 89% of customers said they remember door drop mailing more than any other marketing channel.

Below we have created the most straightforward steps that you can follow so that you can create a flyer of your own. At the same time, we are also presenting downloadable flyer templates that you can access and use anytime, anywhere. Don't waste any minute and scroll down below for the steps!

1. Select a Professionally Made Template

If you want to reduce processing time, it is best to choose a ready-made and printable template design rather than designing from a blank canvas. Here in Template.Net, all of our templates are easily printable for your own comfort. Plus, we also have different types of professional flyers, event flyers, food flyers, bakery flyers, sale flyers, and party flyer templates that you can choose from. Just click on the template that you like and hit the download button.

2. Edit and Customize the Newly Downloaded Template

For example, you have chosen a corporate flyer template here on our site. So, the next thing that you will do is to edit and replace the texts and graphical elements with your own preferred content. But before you do that, first you have to look for the best editing software that can help you with your editing process. But not to worry because Adobe Photoshop (.psd) is going to save your day. Just like our templates, Adobe Photoshop has easy-to-edit features that can assist you even though you are still a newbie in graphic designing. Download this software already and prepare yourself for the magic.

3. Add the Key Information

If you are designing a promotional flyer for a fundraiser agency, indicate the key information so that your audiences will know the reason or the cause behind your flyer. You may state the name of the agency, the products or services that you are promoting, their company's contact details, and a brief yet catchy product or business description. That way, people will know whether they will give their trust and rely on you. In writing the details about your flyer, make sure that you use fonts that are readable and will also match the background of the design.

4. Take Pictures

Let's say that you are designing a business flyer, and you said to yourself that your flyer needs more elements to attract audiences. So, the solution to your worries is to add high-quality and professional photos into your flyer. Photos attract the attention of our readers compared to texts only. Try adding some as long as it relates to the sort of business you are advertising.

5. Distribute the Printable Template

Before distributing your printable marketing flyer, make sure that you double-check it first to see if there are any grammatical errors or missing details. Once you're done proofreading, print out multiple copies of your flyer on high-quality paper the distribute it to your state's most populous area. You may also post your flyer templates in any or all your social media platforms if you want to gain bigger visibility.

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