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How to Prepare a Printable Voucher using Microsoft Publisher

Distributing vouchers are great opportunities for business entrepreneurs to market their products and services. According to U.S. Coupon Marketing Trends, there were 2 billion coupons and vouchers redeemed in the year 2016. Vouchers are so convenient that 30% of the consumers downloaded an app that helps them manage and receive voucher coupons. That is why voucher are useful marketing materials for business. But these vouchers also need to look presentable and reliable for customers to trust you. If you are opting to make vouchers for your business, you have to make them as functional at the same time attractive. Here are some tips and steps you can follow to make vouchers effectively.

1. Decide a Voucher Theme

Printable voucher coupons come in different themes and designs. Businesses tend to match the voucher theme concept with the event they are currently doing. Are you using it for the upcoming Christmas holidays? Holding an event for your business' anniversary? Deciding on a business voucher theme will guide on making the designs later on.

2. Choose a Product or Service Offer

Consumers' are after your event voucher's value. You must pick the best offer that your business has to spark your target audience's interests. The purpose of placing value on the voucher is another technique entrepreneurs use in marketing their business. You must know them well enough to decide on the offers to include. Your cash voucher may have the redemption of dessert discounts, special birthday offers, or meal food.l

3. Pick a Voucher Layout

You need to pick a layout that makes your discount vouchers look presentable and attractive. There are different voucher layout you can use. Most vouchers usually have a layout design that suits the theme created for them.

If you are having a hard time creating vouchers from scratch, you can always look for a voucher template that are available online. These ready-made templates provide you elegant designs and an organized layout that you can freely customize. These editable voucher templates are downloadable on any of your devices.

4. Customize with Microsoft Publisher

Creating printable vouchers are more convenient using editing programs like Microsoft Publisher. This type of application offers you tools that help you add and attach details you need for your cash voucher.

Once you have your templates and essential information needed, you can start filling in the details you need. Remember, your voucher are your audience's ticket to redeem a product or service from your business. Make sure your business vouchers reflects the event's name, the voucher value, dates of validation, and terms & conditions. You can also add designs that match your business brandings—such as company logos, taglines, or color schemes.

5. Print and Keep Track

You can proceed to print your vouchers on high-quality paper after finalizing it. You should include voucher tracking numbers to help you record the voucher tickets you have distributed. After that, you can finally share your vouchers to your clients or use it as gift card vouchers for your employees or loyal customers. Distribute them and help your business get recognized to the public.

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