How to Use Apple Pages for Your Promotion Vouchers

Our wide variety of voucher templates come available for use on Apple Pages. But why settle for that when there are other software options out there to help with your advertising? Well, Apple Pages is a simple yet powerful app, giving you many different options to work while making it a breeze to handle.

1. Free of Charge

Purchasing high-quality software for putting together your coupons can be a bit pricey, to say the least; however, Apple Inc’s Apple Pages is free on both of their iOS and macOS platforms! No need to shell out additional cash for a premium program to edit and customize your discount coupons; Apple Pages is available to you with just one download from their online store.

2. Get Familiar with Your Tools

With your Apple brand iPad, you can even take advantage of Apple Pencil on your device, bringing out the artist within you; with Apple Pages and Apple Pencil working in collaboration, you can customize how the stylus functions to whatever needs you have when designing. Having a brand-family of software and hardware familiar with each other on one gadget means that they’re guaranteed to work perfectly and flawlessly together and avoids the frustrating problem of having to find a solution to incompatibility issues.

3. Consider the Theme

You should think about how the design of your simple voucher is going to match your establishment and even what the nature of the offer is going to be. Maybe a template with a fun palette and photography of an appetizing dish for a free bonus with meal purchases, or perhaps something with relaxing imagery coupled with a soothing pastel color scheme for your spa treatment; whatever it may be, there’s plenty to choose from!

4. Picking Out Your Desired Template

So, you’ve thought about what might look good for your voucher, now comes the part of finding a design to get the attention of customers by browsing through our sizable collection of ready-made promotion voucher templates. It can be a bit confusing when looking through what we have to offer, since we’ve got plenty for you to choose from, but you merely need to not stress about it and take your time to search for whatever you need.

5. Having Fun with Apple Pages

Once you’re done looking around through our catalog of ready-made promotional voucher templates and downloaded the choice appropriate for your promo, it’s time to open Apple Pages and get creative! Our whole collection of voucher templates were put together to be easily editable for you to alter however you see fit, from just adding the text of technical information for your hot deals or making changes to the graphics to make it appealing the way you want; just print them out once you’re done and they’re good to go!

6. Need Help?

If you need to share your template for others to lend a hand, Apple Pages has you covered with its ability to have threaded conversations in real time, save your file for Microsoft Word, and many other convenient features. With such a user-friendly app, it’s no wonder so many choose Apple Pages!

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