How To Make Sample Vouchers in Word

Creating a voucher is a good marketing campaign to increase your market visibility. A good voucher can help convert potential customers into loyal clients, therefore, ensuring maximum impact from your campaign. Design a perfect voucher that encourages customers to use and purchase your services and products. Get to create the ideal sample voucher to achieve a successful marketing campaign for your business by following the tactics listed below.

1. Choose A Template

Achieve a hassle-free voucher-making experience by downloading a template from the selection of sample vouchers above. Get to access the template without purchasing graphic design software and access it in Microsoft Word instead. Tweak the voucher template however you want since it has a fully customizable feature. Change the layout, color, graphic, and fonts to suit your preferences. You can find sample vouchers like Payment Voucher Template, Fast Food Discount Voucher Template, Travel, and Trip Discount Voucher Template, and Sample Gift Voucher Template. Download a template now and keep it forever.

2. Indicate The Voucher Number

Always make sure that all your vouchers have a unique number. Giving a serial number on each voucher ensures easy follow-ups and tracking. Affixing a serial number allows you to assess whether your marketing effort is a success or a failure. Just like any other marketing tools like gift certificates and coupons, adding a serial number is the easiest way to track redeemed vouchers and record and categorize customer responses.

3. Write A Good Hook

For those who don't know, a hook is a catchy phrase that serves as an attention-grabbing element in a business voucher. You can say that a hook is a good one when it is compelling enough to create urgency and pique the customer's curiosity towards your service or product. The hook should be stated directly and relevant so that the customer will have a lasting impression of your brand.

4. Input The Voucher Content

Don't forget to write the requisite content of your sample voucher. Do not overlook any information that should be present in a voucher. Different vouchers cater to various information, therefore, get to know your voucher beforehand to determine what information are you going to input on your voucher. The content usually has a term as to how you're going to spend your simple voucher and until when is the voucher's validity. Since a sample voucher has minimal space for writing, keep your terms short and straightforward.

5. Build Your Brand

Similar to other advertising materials a voucher is also a medium for brand recognition. And just like a flyer, the design of the voucher needs to contain your business name, company color, or company logo for clients to recall your brand identity easily. Another way of raising awareness of your brand is to offer discounts off your products and services, and in turn, you'll gain new clients. Thus, building your brand.

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