Proper operations are necessary for any business that provides goods or services. Part of these preparations involves the use of commercial documents. This includes invoices, which are used in handling customer payments. Need to cut down on the tedium of composing such paperwork? Then look no further--take advantage of our easily editable Sample Invoice Templates! Quickly put together bills for school tuitions, construction material, artwork commissions, and much more! Our professional samples come fully compatible with MS Word, making them quite convenient for anyone using a Windows work desktop. So, what are you waiting for! Download now and expedite your payment procedures with our 100% customizable designs!

How to Make a Sample Invoice in Microsoft Word

Whether your business involves tourist transportation or event hosting, using an invoice is necessary when customer or client payments are due.

As stated by Investopedia {a business and finance resource), invoices are official commercial paperwork that contains important information other than the requested payment amount. Because of this, it’s imperative that your billing documents aren’t just presentable, but also provide all the needed details.

Messing up those details is avoidable by preparing your own reusable invoice designs. So, read through our tips (below) and find out how to make editable sample invoices for your business!

1. Prepare Your Sample Invoices Layout

The first thing that needs taking care of is your invoice’s general format. With a new blank document ready in MS Word, go to the Page Layout tab. In this tab, set the page size to your region’s standard (usually A4 or US letter) and apply 1-inch margins along the page borders. If it’s not set to this yet, then choose Portrait in the Orientation menu.

2. Your Sample Invoice’s Logo and Title

In one of the document’s upper corners, insert your business’s logo. Make sure the file has high image quality.

Next, give your sample invoice a brief yet informative title. The contents of the title include your business name and the document type. So, for example, your title should resemble something like “John Doe Inc. - Finance Consultant Invoice.” Remember to give your title a fairly large text size, too.

3. Use a Grid Table in Your Sample Invoice

When preparing the space for order and amount details (quantity, rates, tax, discounts, etc.), keep things organized by inserting a grid table into your document. Add your table by going to Insert > Table and then hovering your mouse cursor over the interface to set up the cells. To edit your new table, click any of its cells and use the Table Tools menu. Additionally, improve your table’s readability by smartly color-coding its cells, such as the headers and total amounts.

4. Additional Content in Your Sample Invoice

Depending on what your business needs, include additional information in the invoice’s bottom section. This is where you enter things like payment terms, remarks, and so on.

And so, just remember our handy tips and creating new sample invoices are now a breeze! Come back anytime if you need to do a review or to download one of our Sample Invoice Templates!

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