How to Make a Weekly Calendar in Google Docs

For busy people, it's essential to keep track of time. Also, every week counts. That's why people use calendars to help them keep an eye on their schedule for the whole week. If you have to make your own weekly calendar, then you can refer to these tips below as your guide:

1. Identify the Week

The first thing you should do is to identify the month and the week of the calendar you're going to do. You should write it either on top or at the side of the calendar, depending on your design.

2. Create Seven Columns for the Days of the Week

Second, you have to work on making a column on the simple calendar. This will help your calendar look more organized and quicker to read. After creating the columns, you can now label each of them. You can start on Sunday or Monday. The day when your calendar begins will depend on when you start your day. Some people want it on Sundays, and some don't.

3. Add Other Details

Aside from the days of the week, you can add other details on the calendar. You can add time (like an hourly planner), add weekly goals, and others. You can be creative in this area. Just find the details that will suit your calendar.

4. Design the Calendar

Designing the calendar is up to your taste. You can add cute pictures if you want. You can color each column. Make sure that the design looks presentable and can't ruin the look of your sample calendar.

5. Fill the Calendar

On the last step, you can now fill the blank calendar. Fill it with your upcoming activities, events, and tasks for the whole week.

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