Yoga has become a popular form of exercise and meditation. This is evident with the number of yoga studios and yoga instructors available today. And with the rising number of yoga studios and instructors, you must level up your marketing strategy to get more people into availing your yoga services instead of others. We can help you with that! We offer an array of Ready-Made Yoga Flyer Templates in Adobe Illustrator that will surely entice potential customers to your yoga workshop, yoga session, etc. These templates are also available in Word, Photoshop, Publisher, Pages, and Indesign in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.23x11.69, and (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed. Earn more customers today by downloading our templates now!

How To Make A Yoga Flyer In Adobe Illustrator

Yoga is a practice with a 5,000-year history. And today, it has taken the U.S. by storm. Its popularity is evident with the number of yoga studios available within the country, the number of yoga gears sold in the market, and the wellness program you can see on TVs. A survey shows that 20.4 million Americans practice yoga. And with the numbers of yoga teachers and studios rising, you need to bring your A-game to gain more customers.

To improve your marketing strategy, use flyers as one of your advertisement tools. Don't just go digital, hand out flyers in public areas to get the word out about the services your offering and entice more customers into availing your services. We have provided a guide below on how you can create an attractive flyer in Adobe Illustrator for your yoga business.

1. Pick a Size

To start, create a new document on Adobe Illustrator. When choosing a size, consider the amount of information and the design elements you want to put on the flyer. For those who don't know, the standard size for flyers are 8.5” x 11” and 8.3” x 11.7” inches. Now, to set your document size on Illustrator, go to File, then Document Setup, and change the values and aspect ratio. Make sure you click the Ok button to save the changes you made.

2. Prepare a Layout

For your layout, you can use a pre-made template to save time and avoid the hassle of creating one from scratch. Our website offers Printable Flyer Templates for you to choose from. These contain original suggestive headings, artworks, and fonts, as well as high-quality images that you may edit and customize in Illustrator. But if you want to make one from scratch, start with a blank document.

3. Write a snappy Message

Make your flyer memorable and alluring by creating a snappy message. Provide the basics of what, who, where, and when. Remember, you're trying to grab the attention of your audience. Use powerful words like proven, discover, and easy and avoid using jargon words. Also, keep your words precise and concise. Your message should be easy to understand.

4. Use eye-catching Images

A large image has more impact compared to smaller images combined. Plus, it provides color to your flyer as well. So, grab the attention of your readers with a stunning and eye-catching photo or illustration. Take photos of your yoga class and use it for your flyer or use stock photos on the internet. To add your photo to your document, click File, then Document Setup. Locate and select your photo from File, then click the Enter button to place the picture.

5. Distribute On Public Places

Go over your work twice to correct errors and mistakes. Once you're satisfied with how it turns out, save your work and print the template on a fine paper. Distribute your elegant flyer in public areas and share it through social media and email.

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