Yoga is one of the oldest practices in the world. Despite that, the discipline is still popular to this day. There are gyms and events that offer classes on this, and if you’re looking to advertise them, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! We have a varied selection of Ready-Made Yoga Flyer Templates in Apple Pages for you to showcase what you have to offer. These templates are 100% customizable, letting you inject your brand to it. It is user-friendly as well, giving you a smooth-sailing creative process in making the flyers. Available in other file formats like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher. This will certainly draw a lot of people interested to do yoga. Have a look at our selection and download them for free!

How to Craft a Yoga Flyer Templates in Apple Pages

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, there are dozens of benefits to doing yoga, which explains why so many people still practice it to this day. To advertise the yoga session you’ve planned, you need to be both informative and memorable. With so many events and fitness centers offering sessions on this discipline, you’ll have to stand out among all of them. With our selection of templates, we can guarantee you that you’ll come up with the best yoga flyer yet. One that’ll get you lots of attendees by the dozen!

And on that note, if you have trouble getting some yoga flyer ideas, here are some tips you can follow in how to design a yoga flyer.

1. Specify your Audience

You’ll have to be clear on who you’re targeting the yoga session for, be it experienced practitioners or newbies. That way, your audience will know if they’re going to be catered properly at the event. On that note, if the target audience for your flyers is new to yoga, then use simple terms instead of jargon on your beginner flyer. Use it only if your targets are long-time practitioners instead.

2. Share Details on the Venue

Where will your session be held? You can dedicate part of your flyer’s content to pointing the participants in the right direction of where the yoga class is being held. If it’s at an event, then indicate where they can find the spot. If it’s in a park, perhaps you can specify where exactly the session will be at. If there’s enough space, you may even add a tiny map so your readers can navigate with the flyer.

3. Place Details of the Class

Add a description of the program flow or what’s in store for the yoga workshop. You may place what time it starts and ends. If the session is headed by a well-known instructor you can also include that details in your flyer in order to draw in yoga enthusiasts to your event/class. You may also list out what type of positions or activities you’ll be doing so that your readers will know what to expect or what they’re going to do when they come.

4. Add Images

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Instead of describing the activities you’re going to do in the program, you can do one better and simply show a photo or a graphic of the yoga poses or someone in meditation. This is useful in that newbies in yoga who have seen your flyer can have an idea of what’s coming in the yoga class. Lastly, make sure the images and the text are equally spaced out so that your readers can see the information at a glance without any problems. Our designers have added a selection of images of different yoga poses, so you’re spared the trouble of having to make your own yoga flyer design.

5. Put Your Business and Contact Details

For a marketing advantage, you’ve got to make your business easily accessible so it’ll be very helpful for you to add your contact details and the location of your yoga studio. That way, potential customers who are interested can call you or know where to go for your services. Be sure that the text used is clear and easily read so that your audience doesn’t miss it.

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