30+ Best Internet Marketing Landing Page Templates

If you have a marketing website in mind, then there are scores of marketing landing page templates designed just for you. These templates vary in style and features greatly, and you can choose from a whole gallery of options. There are templates which are light-hearted in design and layout, and have a very minimalistic approach.

And most of these templates are responsive in design, so you can be rest assured that your website will work on all devices, from smartphones to computers and tablets. Many of these templates also come with conversion centred designs, which is the in thing now, and it makes this easier for you to have a very unique looking website in no time at all.

Some of these templates also come with social media integrations, so that you can effortlessly link them up with your profiles on various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you have a blogging website in mind, then there are templates which will allow you to create blogs in your website, so that open discussions can be held with customers and you.

Many of these templates also come with parallax designs, and come with big, attractive icons, so that people do not miss out on anything when they come visit your website. And if you want a very simple website, then there are 1 page templates as well, which allow you to create simple one page websites, which are not cluttered, but still get the job done just as effectively.

Flat Landing

  • flat landing responsive product landing template

The flat landing internet marketing page template can be used for websites dealing in technological products. It has features like:

  • Fresh look
  • Mail integration

It is very professional to look at.

Marketing Landing Page

  • marketing landing page1

The Purrfect internet marketing landing page template can be used in interior designing websites.  Its features are:

  • HD quality
  • Wide display

It is highly used by web designers nowadays.

Purrfect – Software Html5/Css3 Landing Page

  • purrfect responsive html5 css3 software landing page

Book marketing landing page template

  • book marketing landing page template1

Very clear from the name, this marketing internet landing page template can be used   book marketing websites. It has features like:

  • Free demo
  • High quality

It comes in bright colors.


  • landy

The Landy page internet marketing template can be used by product designing websites. It brings features like:

  • Titled feature
  • Free demo

It comes in high quality and resolution.

eLite – Landing Page

  • elite landing page1

The elite internet marketing landing page template can be used in different kinds of websites. It has got features like:

  • Amazing icons
  • Proper text

It also becomes available for free demo.

Reydeo Responsive HTML Landing Page

  • reydeo by tansh

This internet marketing landing page template can be used for online shopping websites. It comes with features like:

  • HTML coding
  • Wide images

It is eye catching.

Flattern – All in One Landing Page

  • flattern all in one landing page1

The Flattern internet marketing landing page template brings flat patterns with them. It has features like:

  • UI clean design
  • Good layouts

It is highly responsive and user friendly.


  • permatex lead generating landing page

Permatex internet market landing page template has an amazing and vibrant look. It brings features like:

  • Super effective look
  • Integrated design

It can be used for free demo as well.



  • leadgen1

The Leadgen internet marketing landing page template is very trendy. It has features like:

  • Auto keys
  • Brilliant icons

It brings properly arranged text and format that attract their users.


  • applica welcomes you

The applica internet marketing landing page template has a very clean look and feel. It has features like:

  • Free demo
  • Social icons

It has a shiny blue shaded background image.

Energy App

  • energy app premium landing page for mobile apps

This internet marketing landing page template can be used in mobile marketing websites. It has features like:

  • Full HD
  • High resolution

It also has wide display and is responsive in nature.

Corralled Landing Page

  • corralled by tansh

AirWare Mac App

  • airware

Softivo Landing Page

  • softivo by tansh

Younic Responsive Landing Page

  • younic by tansh

Promo – Landing Page

  • promo theme say hello to solo by pixelentity

The Flow – Responsive One Page App Template

  • theflow by tansh

Nutshell App

  • nutshell app

Netix – Responsive Landing Page

  • netix responsive landing page

Clouden Responsive Landing

  • clouden by tansh

StepOne – Premium Landing Page

  • stepone landing page

Vision – Agency Unbounce Landing Page

  • unbouncepages

Polar – Responsive Apps Landing Page

  • polar responsive apps landing page html version

E-Book Landing Page

  • landing-page-ebbok

Internet marketing landing page templates are very user friendly. They come with features that make them even more useful and efficient. They often serve as the right hand of web designers when they have to design websites for marketing agencies and companies.  They can also be used in various other sites.

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