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14+ Latest Drupal Media Modules

The core managerial files and multimedia of any website are assets which can work wonderfully if they can have the provisions of extensible frameworks of Drupal Media Modules. It is irrespective whether they are hosted on the user’s site or in a different site, such premium modules are better known as a file browser to the internet. The beauty of these top modules are that any files which may have been uploaded before the installation of Media will also get the advantage of the various features of the media modules.

The media modules are in fact a drop-in replacement for Drupal and the best part is that the new modules come with an all purpose user interface which facilitate managing, upload, and reusability of the files and other multimedia files. These modules are amazing for Drupal and can be used for free. They help the Drupal’s inherent uphold field and prove to be very useful in handling media and other important files. With it the developers can quit worrying about file management; they also help in optimizing browsing and display of the multimedia. All the existent media and files are integrated using the editor which makes the earlier files a part of the multimedia browser search database.

Embedded Media Field

embedded media field
This extension works by creating fields for different content types which can be used to display images, videos etc. from third party providers. The user just needs to put the URL from the third party to determine the content provider.

Media: YouTube

Whenever someone thinks of videos, YouTube is the first name that comes to mind. It is essentially a video library and this module works by adding YouTube as the supported media provider for your Drupal website.


This Drupal media module makes use of a simple script and can be used to overlay images on the current page and not within it. This means it keeps the user on the same page. It offers amazing benefits.


Suited for jQuery, this module is a highly customisable one. It lets you integrate Colorbox to your Drupal website. It works as a formatter and there are several styles to choose from. You can also style the Colorbox in your preferred theme.

Views Slideshow

views slideshow
If you want to create a slideshow for your content and not just images, then you can make use of this module. It offers many customization options and you can choose different slideshow settings for each View.


This Drupal media module aims at solving the old problem with reusable media files like images, documents, and videos that later evolves into media content. It works by providing new entity and can render your website a whole new look.

Media Management Made Easy

media management made easy
Known as Scald, this module gives you an easy way to manage your media on your Drupal website. This Drupal media module can deal with all media elements starting from images and videos to tweets and audios.


This is another useful module that you can use to manage your media files. You can even manage media present on 3rd party websites with this module. Administrators and editors can upload, manage, and even reuse files with this module.

Media: Vimeo

If you want add Vimeo as the supported media player on your site, then this is the module which you should opt for. It is easy to install and is being used across thousands of Drupal sites.

Image Resize Filter

image resize filter
Image resizing is a breeze when you use this Drupal media extension. It is easier when you use it with other WYSIWG editors like CKeditor, or tinyMCE. All you need to is insert the image and set its width and height in HTML.

Better Assets(Bassets) Media

better assets
Easy to activate, this Drupal media plugin is another choice you have. It does a keyword search to know the index of Bassets servers. It has lot of dependencies and at present is not being used by many sites.

CKEditor Media

ckeditor media
This module works by replacing the default file browser or upload with the module’s file browser within CKEditor. This means you get seamless integration of all files within the CKEditor. It is easy to install and is one of the most used Drupal modules.


With this module you can embed videos from various libraries like Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook etc. into your site. It works for Drupal 8 websites only and all you need to do is upload videos and use HTML5 player to play them.


This happens to be an image library that comes with a user friendly interface, inline cropping, and various other features. Use images the way you want with this module. It is easy to install and offers different functionalities.

Multimedia files are genuine assets to your site if managed properly. Drupal media modules or file browser to the internet help in easy installation of media and easy management too.

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