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15+ Best Drupal Social Networking Modules

Drupal is the most popular CMS platform right now, so it is very obvious that users will find some of the best social networking modules operating on this platform right now. And these modules serve more purposes than just helping users integrate their websites to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also see Best Drupal Menu Modules. These modules come with a variety of plugin widgets, which allow users to add any follow or share buttons freely, and all users need to do is to download the widgets with the modules. These modules can even help users change their icon sets, organise the widgets and even customize the widgets according to their needs. You can also see Church Drupal Themes & Templates.

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Social network user detection

The social network user detection helps you to detect that if a visitor is logged in to one of the supported social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. This provides the overview as to what your visitors are browsing.

OneAll Social Login

This is a free module from Drupal that lets your users to login and register with their social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Since it simplifies the process of registration, it helps in increased registration for your site.

Simplified Social share

This drupal module lets you users share items through their accounts to a number of social networking sites. This social share is beneficial for your products because a large number of people prefer to buy things recommended by their friends.

Social Counters

Social counters are useful since they help in pulling likes, followers, subscribers etc. This module has several other features such as integration with variable module in Drupal 7 and integration with the plugin API in Drupal 8 among other things.

Social Media Links Block

In this module, the users will receive a configurable block to display links in their profiles in various social network sites. This module comes with a number of features like addition of new social network icons, support for panels etc.

Social Stats

This is a statistical drupal module which is supposed to provide data from a number of social network sites. The statistics is collected according to nodes, which means, for example, it collects the number of likes from Facebook, count of tweets from twitter etc.

Social Groups

This is a module used for collecting likes in your social groups, like Facebook, Tweeter and YouTube. All you need to do is enable the module and find social media block and thereafter set up the parameters of the social group.

Social Content

This module helps you in bringing back contents from social media to your site as nodes. You can pull posts from Facebook pages, hash tags and posts from user accounts in Tweeter, and Instagram, contents from Pintarest boards, etc.

Social Comment

This is a distribution that helps is building social communities as well as intranets. This is positioned as the succeeding module of the Drupal commons module. The module is based on other communities’ lessons which are redesigned and rewritten.

Social Timeline

If you want to retrieve your posts, images, videos etc, then this Drupal module will be useful for you. This can retrieve your posts from different social network sites. You will need to purchase the jQuery plugin in order to use this.

Social Speech

This module is useful to make the users interact with the content of your site. This can be done by highlighting or clicking individual sentences from a whole block of texts. There is also the option for submitting the user feedback.

Chinese Social Networks Authentication

Users using top Chinese social network can benefit from this, because this module helps those users to sign in or sign up for Drupal enabled sites from their Chinese social network accounts. To integrate the provider, a key is needed which is found in stipulated pages.

GRA4 Social Network for Drupal

This is a module which you will require if you want to empower your site with GRA4 social network. This will make sure that your site can have blogs, messaging, documents and a lot of other things. These groups will have functions similar to Facebook groups.

Facebook Live Stream Module

This module helps the Drupal instance users to access their Facebook account and also view the streaming of your friend’s posts. All you need to do is give the module permission to view and access their Facebook profiles which they use.

Facebook Rules

If a user link his or her Drupal account with his or her Facebook account, he or she will be able to use Facebook rules for taking up actions on particular cases or triggers. To make this work the user needs to register with Facebook connect.

Facebook Page Rules

From this module one can get a rules action that can be used for posting a link or a message on a Facebook page. The module is actively maintained and under active development too. There are a number of sites currently using this.

Apart from these functions, these Drupal social networking modules also have stand alone styles, which exclude complicated procedures such as having to include several different social modules or adding JavaScript libraries. Some of these modules can be used as blocks or even attached to nodes, and users can even use them as viewing fields. You can also see Furniture Drupal Themes & Templates. And if this wasn’t all, there are some modules which even more advanced; users in your site can like your posts and the moment they do that, your post gets automatically shared with all their friends on social networking sites. Then from there on, other users can bookmark your posts and share them with even more of their friends. Other than these, there are some modules which only and only promote your website through social networking sites, and grant premium access to users who are interested in your website.

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