If ever you received the goods or services you've asked for, you need to write an acknowledgment receipt to confirm that you received them. This document is vital for the business provider to evaluate if you've successfully received they're services or products. And to save time in making this kind of receipt, check out our collection of ready-made Acknowledgement Receipt Templates! These templates are printable and professionally written. You can change any suggestive content that you want. What are you waiting for? It's time to save time! Download an editable template today!

What Is an Acknowledgement Receipt?

According to Shirine Aouad's (Program Management Advisor at Rio Tint) LinkedIn post, confirmation of receipts shows that the recipient successfully received the email. This also shows professionalism and consideration of the recipient's part.

The same goes for sending acknowledgment receipts. An acknowledgment receipt is a transaction document that businesses use to confirm if the client already received the goods or services offered.

How to Create an Acknowledgement Receipt

Create an acknowledgment letter or receipt with the help of the tips below.

1. Provide Your Information

If you're an individual, you must provide your name and contact information on the receipt. On the other hand, if you're a business, you can add your company letterhead. This section helps your recipient identify where the receipt is from.

2. Write a Statement

In this part, you must include a statement that shows that you received the services or products. You have to make sure that you input your name (as the one who received the services or products), date and time of reception, and the details of the things you've received on the sample receipt.

Additionally, for payment purposes (acknowledgment receipt of payment), you should include the amount paid, the date, and the payment method, like cash payment, check payment, etc.

3. Keep It Direct to the Point

An acknowledgment receipt doesn't have to be lengthy. This simple receipt must be straight to the point to make your communication channel clear. To do this, ensure that you use simple and clear sentences. Then, don't include unnecessary information that has nothing to do with the purpose of the letter.

4. Add Additional Notes

If you have additional comments about the services or the products you've received, you can write it on your receipt. For example, you can say that the products are in good condition or not.

Lastly, before ending the receipt, you must add your signature. Adding a signature on the receipt makes sure that your document is valid.

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