Whatever type of business you run—be it car rental, delivery services, hotel, and transport services such as taxi—you should already know that providing receipts to your customers is a requirement and a standard every time a transaction is made. This is why, if you are in need of a basic taxi receipt for your business, we highly recommend you to download from our selection of Simple Receipt Templates which you can conveniently download in MS Word, Excel, Apple Pages, Numbers, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. For added convenience, these templates contain suggestive content that is 100% customizable. Waste no time and get a simple receipt template you can use when you avail any of our subscription plans today!

What Is a Simple Receipt?

Simple receipts are documents that are used as proof of a successful transaction of goods and services and a written acknowledgment that is made between the customer or the consumer and the organization or establishment.

This document contains the vital information of every transaction made between two parties, such as the goods or services bought or availed, the date of transaction, and the confirmation that the transaction has been paid completely.

In the event that claims regarding warranties or requests for replacements will take place, sales receipts are used to track down to verify that the claims and requests are valid.

How to Create a Simple Receipt

simple receipt template

Do not get fooled into thinking that simple receipts are an extremely easy document to make just because it comes in a small size. Receipts contain vital information and one is missing, its validity can already be questioned. This is why, if you are about to make one of your own, we highly recommend you to follow the guidelines below in order to ensure that you have included every single detail needed for an effective sample receipt.

1. Indicate Clearly That It's a Proof of Transaction

You need to make it clear that your blank receipt can be easily identifiable as proof of the transaction. One way of doing so is by indicating it at the topmost part of the paper and write down what type of document it is.

2. Indicate the Time and Date of Transaction

The time and date when the transaction has been completed and made are necessary enough to be included in your proof of purchase. While the time can be optional for some establishments, the date when the transaction occurred should be indicated.

3. Identify the Parties Involved in the Transaction

The name of your establishment and the name of your customer must be included in the bill receipt upon a successful sale of goods or services. While there are some establishments who would not strictly require to list the name of the customer, they would usually leave a blank space where that provides the customer an option to write his or her name.

4. Identify the Goods or Services Made in the Transaction

Do not forget to include the details of the goods and services involved in the transaction. It is important to state these clearly so as to avoid any problems and disputes between your customer service. Do not also forget to clearly indicate its quantity, its condition when it was bought, its total price, and you may also include the method of payment used in paying it.

5. Understand the Purpose and Elements of a Simple Receipt

Before you print the receipt you just created, make sure that you have already understood the purpose of every single element of a simple receipt. It is in knowing the purpose of every single element of your receipt will enable you to successfully create a receipt that can display the details a customer would want to know regarding his or her transaction.

Now that you are given the basic knowledge of creating a simple receipt, you can now conveniently utilize any template from our selection. These templates allow you to create

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