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Acknowledgement letters are formal short letters that may be used for legal purposes; it is a formal letter that is normally sent out to recognise someone’s efforts towards your goals or objective, sometimes it could even be seen as a form of thank you letter. It is also an act of admitting the truth or existence of, a response or return of something. It is also used as a receipt in acknowledging a payment that has been made from one person to another, or from one business to another. By doing this, it helps businesses maintain a healthy relationship with each other. These letters are often sent when a company receives business documents.

A few things to remember when creating an acknowledgement letter, is that it needs to be short, simple and straight to the point. If you’re struggling to start your letter, here are some basic letter examples of phrases you can use to help you out in your writing:

  1. “I am writing to inform you...”

  2. “Thank you for sending me the (name of the object sent).”

  3. “I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the following documents.”

Then you start explaining in a few paragraphs what you are acknowledging. At the end of the letter, if needed you may offer your assistance, then finish it all off with a general closing, for example: “Sincerely, (insert your name and name of company).”

An acknowledgement letter is a letter that is normally written in a business tone. It’s format is different compared to writing any personal letter. Knowing this, it can be a struggle to find the right kind of words to say, let alone the right format to use.

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