The opening of the school year gives a lot of opportunities not just to students and teachers but also to businessmen who have an educational supply business and to event organizers who will handle back-to-school celebration parties. Are you having a hard time making your back-to-school flyer? If you are, then don't worry, we're here to help you. We offer 100% customizable, beautifully designed, and professionally made back-to-school flyer templates that are made available in (US) 8.5×11, (A4) 8.23×11.69 inches + Bleed sizes and in default file formats indicated in each description. These high-quality templates are designed to be accessible for you anytime, anywhere. What are you waiting? Get our subscription plan now and get to enjoy our pro templates.

What Is a Back-to-School Flyer?

A back-to-school flyer is a marketing tool used by marketing specialists in advertising school and classroom supplies or an organized event in celebration for the school year opening. Using flyers in advertising is convenient because it is less costly compared to other forms of advertisement.

How to Make an Attractive Back-to-School Flyer

According to National Center for Education, around 56.6 million students attended elementary and secondary schools in the school year 2018–2019, wherein 50.7 million students were enrolled in public schools, while 5.9 million were enrolled in private schools. School year openings are the best time for school and classroom suppliers to have a huge hit in the market. Promoting your school supply products to the mass is a challenge, especially if there are various supply stores near you. It takes guts to convince your customers that your products are the best among other brands. In this case, having an attractive flyer would be a great initiative. Here are a few guidelines that you can use in making an attractive back-to-school flyer.

1. Use Our Pro Flyer Templates

Your back-to-school flyer will be your medium in introducing and persuading your target market to avail your back-to-school sale or to convince them to join an organized event. Making a mediocre flyer will just end up being useless. You have to make sure that your back-to-school flyer will captivate your audience's eyes at first glance. However, making a flyer would be a tedious task. If you truly want to achieve an attractive back-to-school flyer, then we suggest that you use our pro flyer templates. Why would you make a hard time for yourself when you can make an effective tool without even starting from scratch? Moreover, refrain from using free templates because there is a huge possibility that your competitors have used it too.

2. Put a Catchy Headline and Ad Copy

Make sure that your headline is attention-grabbing. Before you put the headline to the flyer, ask yourself or someone if he or she will bite the offer upon reading the headline. A good headline will arouse the interest of the reader even without reading the rest of the document. The typeface that you should use in writing your headline should be bigger compared to the typeface of the ad copy so your reader can read it first. In your ad copy, indicate what your sample flyer is all about. Don't forget to specify the date, the setting (if you're having a back-to-school party), important personalities to look forward, your sponsors, etc.

3. Utilize Relevant Photos

Do not put photos just because you want to. Always consider the purpose of the flyer. If you're having a BBQ party, then you might as well use graphics that are relevant to the theme. Remember, pictures can communicate the theme too, so you better be wise in choosing the right photo for your back-to-school flyer.

4. Add Call to Action

At the bottom part of your simple flyer, you have to encourage an action. You are making a flyer so that you will have participants, so you might as well encourage them to participate. Also, do not forget to put your contact details so the readers will know who to inquire for further information.

5. Proofread and Print

Prior to printing, always proofread your back-to-school flyer because it would be shameful to distribute flyers that have conspicuous mistakes. In printing, use laser printers and special papers so the quality of the image will not be destroyed.

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