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Digital marketing might be the first choice for advertisement, but flyers still have their own charm. Handing out flyers to attract the attention of the masses towards businesses, services, or events has been an age-old practice. But, all these flyers are distinctly different from each other. Therefore, at Template.net, we have experts to design flyers suited to your needs. We have prepared a rich trove of high-quality layouts and creative designs for your flyers available in Adobe Photoshop(.psd), Microsoft Word(.docx), Adobe Illustrator(ai), Apple Pages(.pages), Adobe InDesign(.indd), Publisher and PDF. What's more? These templates are 100% customizable and editable for you to modify your information. Now promote your products, services or parties through sending attractive flyers without having to waste any extra penny or time!

What Is a Flyer?

A flyer is one of the ways that businesses have been using to promote their products. Distributed through handing out to individuals or sent to mails, this form of paper advertisement has been serving businesses a big purpose for a long time now. Did you know that despite the influence of digital advertising, printing event flyers still plays an important role in organizing events? In fact, according to Event Industry Pulse Report, printing is the second most possible item to be increased in terms of organizing an event this year.

How to Create a Flyer

how to create a flyer

1. Choose Your Template According to Your Needs

Begin your flyer creation by deciding what kind of template that you need for your flyer. We have a variety of templates that you can easily choose from depending on your needs, such as party flyers. In addition, you may include the size of your flyer and the type of paper you intend to use.

2. Add Pictures or Images

To make your flyer more interesting, you may add pictures or images on it. However, you have to make sure that the pictures you add in your flyer blend well to the template of your choice. You don’t want to mislead your target audience, so only select those pictures that would match to your event or the purpose of your flyer. For example, you are creating a flyer about health. You only don't want to add images about the company's year-end party.

3. Add Your Message

In this step, you may include the message of your template. Though the layout and the images you added to your flyer may catch the interest of your audience, the message is the main purpose of your flyer. With that being said, it is very important that your message is on point. Not everyone is diligent enough to read a lengthy message. It may also create a conflict with the available space of your flyer. With that being said, follow the 4W(what, when, where, who) rule and avoid making it too wordy. If you are creating a sale flyer with many features, you may want to summarize and select the features that will convince the customers.

4. Customize Your Flyer According to Your Taste/Needs

For a more improved finished product, you may customize your flyer’s theme by changing the font size, color, and style, update the background, and formatting or moving your images around in a way that will be appealing and readable by your target audience. If you are creating a music flyer or any event, make sure that every detail is attended, and the updates you make will match.

5. Print and Distribute

Once your flyer is ready, you may now save and print out the file. Once printed, you may start distributing the printed flyers. You may also share it digitally through your social media platforms and email or add the flyer to your blog site, such as Wordpress, for more exposure.

Just a pro tip: you might want to check the quality of your finished product before you go and print many copies to avoid recalling those papers, which is an additional cost or losing possible customers because of the low quality of the print. Make sure that the words are readable and clear.

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