Jazz is a timeless and beautiful music form that has captivated people from all over since its creation, up until now. Are you planning on throwing a jazz-themed party event or organizing a jazz concert for eager audiences and jazz music lovers? If yes, then it's time to celebrate! Start reaching to the target audience through a beautifully designed jazz flyer. This site will free you from stress because we offer high-quality and premium flyer templates. Scroll through the 100% customizable and highly editable templates, and download the best ones through Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Photoshop. With our Jazz Flyer Templates, you can immediately sway to the rhythm of the music and have a good time with jazz lovers.

What Is a Jazz Flyer?

A jazz flyer is a promotional material posted and distributed to the general public. It contains details about a jazz-themed occasion, jazz concert, jazz dinner, and other events.

How to Create a Jazz Flyer

jazz flyer template

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, jazz is an old musical form developed by African Americans and influenced by both European harmonic structure and African rhythms. Jazz became the favorite of people at the beginning of the 20th century because of its syncopated rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing, varying degrees of improvisation, and the use of original timbres.

Nowadays, jazz music continues to spread its prominence. People from all around the world still celebrate this musical form in various events or concerts held in jazz clubs. Do you want to celebrate the legacy of jazz or make a tribute to its timeless harmony? If so, then it's the right time for you to organize an event and start designing your own promotional flyer. If you don't have ample knowledge on how to make one from scratch, you can always download our flyer templates or refer to the steps below.

1. Use a Jazz-Inspired Layout

Draw in inspiration for your design project. Since your project is a jazz flyer, use jazz-inspired designs to achieve relevance and beauty. Make use of colorful and striking graphics that connects with each other. Also, it's better to use colors reflective of your promotional message and goals. For the layout, you can place in jazz instrument designs like the saxophone, piano, flute, and trumpets. Jazz flyers or posters can be done easily if you know how to use brilliant designs and various editing applications.

2. Put Catchy Headlines

Write a snappy headline or title to call out the attention of the people. The jazz flyer should hook in readers to attend through powerful and enticing words. Make the headlines visible enough to draw in attention and interaction. Call to action words are also applicable to convince the general public to buy admission tickets and contact you asking about the musical event details and mechanics.

3. Add in the Event Details

After you have written a catchy headline, add in the event details. Indicate the time, place, contact details, and directions of the jazz-themed occasion. Write in a straightforward manner to avoid over complicating things, and to save space as well. Limit your font style to only two or three to achieve a clutter-free layout, encompassing jazz standards.

4. Review and Print

When you have completed overall jazz flyer design, always review and proofread the content. Does it contain all the necessary information? Will the target audience retain the event details? If everything is good to go, proceed to print. Use high-quality glossy paper to give justice and beauty to the creative flyer.

5. Distribute the Flyers

Spread out the event or jazz concert information to everyone. Hand-out or post your simple flyers in the most strategic places like in public parks, malls, or schools. You may also post it through social media for a wider reach of audiences.

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