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What Is a Beach Flyer?

Beach flyers are commonly used to promote activities or events such as a clean up drive, movie night, birthday bash, or a volley ball tournament that takes place on the beach or at a beach resort. Moreover, this type of promotion flyer is widely used during summer where the weather is perfect for a beach party madness, family or company trip, and more.

How to Make a Captivating Beach Flyer

Most companies and event organizers go for flyers as means of advertisement because this kind of marketing instrument is cost effective, accessible, easy to print, and a lot more beneficial things. Thus, we present you a thorough guideline in making a good beach flyer.

1. Plan Meticulously

There is no better way to produce a successful program and gain more customers than planning. It should always come first. That said, start generating useful ideas and suggestions with your team for the success of your upcoming activity and for the benefit of your business. Afterward, create a clean outline of what has been discussed for a smooth-sailing work.

2. Begin the Format

Choose an appropriate template that suits the theme of your event. Although it has been indicated that it is somehow beach-themed, it is still so broad, so you have to narrow it down. After selecting a template, determine the size of your simple flyer. You can have it in (US) 8.5×11 inches, or (A4) 8.27×11.69 inches, it is all up to you. Create a striking heading or title to catch he attention of people. Use beach-related colors such as the shades of blue or summer-related color schemes. Mix and match the font styles and sizes, use fascinating borders, etc. Just guarantee that your layout gives off the summer vibes and is not messy.

3. Input the Essentials

Words are much more powerful than design because it has the ability to communicate, relay, teach, and even deceive. Thus, do not forget to enter the significant details in your marketing flyer such as the name of the event, the date, the venue, the people to contact, the reason to attend, etc. Moreover, do not forget to include your establishment's logo, slogan—if there is—contact information, and social media accounts so that people can check you out.

4. Put a Call to Action

Phrases like "come and join the fun!", "subscribe now!", "do not forget to click like," "turn on notifications for more updates," and more are known to be call to actions. They are commonly used in marketing because they are effective in catching attention or sparking interest. That said, include a CTA or Call to Action for a more interesting and engaging result.

5. Polish and Print

Since advertising flyers are made to be handed out to people, you have to make time for polishing your craft in order to generate a perfect result. Commonly, flyers are printed in bulk that is why it is important to proofread and correct the mistakes before producing copies to save you a good amount resources. After checking for errors and ensuring that it is flawless, you can already print it.

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