Do you want to host beach party events but have no idea how to promote it? Are you a business owner trying to get tourists to visit your resort? If you say yes to either of the two, then you probably need an excellent advertising material to help get you started. And if you are looking for one, we have the right product for you! Our Beach Flyer Template that is available in Word is specially designed for people like you so that you won't have to worry about making a beach flyer from scratch. It contains original content, meaning that you won't have to worry about copyright. Start advertising now by downloading our editable template! 

How to Make a Beach Flyer in Word

Beach events are always are typically what people who want to get away from the stress of the city tend to go to. These events help businesses that depend highly on tourists in order to generate profit. The hype and the rave of beach parties and the calming effect of the sea let people both relax and enjoy their vacation. If you want to host a beach event or promote your resort, you will need an advertising material like a flyer to help you. Start creating your beach flyer today using the steps below.

1. Make an Outline

Creating a flyer should be reasonably easy, but if you don't have an initial idea on how to go about it, you can come up with an outline to get a better picture. Once you have the outline, you can quickly add and omit details, saving you a significant amount of time. This method can aid you in deciding what colors to use, what fonts are appropriate, and what size is suitable.

2. Select a Background Design

When choosing a background design for your flyer, make sure that it is suitable for its intended purpose and relatable to your event. If possible, use color schemes and pictures that are similar to your theme. Are you making a flyer for a beach party? Then you can use a picture of the beach during sunset, night, or afternoon and choose the appropriate color palettes. If you want something that's relaxing to the reader's eyes, you can choose among the many beautiful choices of pastel shades.

When you want to mix and match your background with images, it would be good to have an understanding of how color contrast works. Be very mindful when blending these elements as this may affect the whole of your design and may contradict each other, destroying the balance of each design component.

3. Keep Your Fonts to a Minimum

When starting a project, it's possible that we may end becoming too creative. But, people who make the most exquisite art don't sprinkle their work with too many distracting decorations. This is what you should consider when choosing your fonts. Legible fonts such as Serif and Sans Serif are top choices among designers, and people can easily read them even in small prints. They are also visible even if they are written in a background of contrasting colors. It is best for you to use two fonts at most, one for your event name, and one for the rest of the details. Keep it simple as your readers will appreciate it.

4. Incorporate the Right Photos

If your beach flyer is an advertisement for tourists to rent a cabin on an island, it is appropriate to include the best features of the cabin and the amenities within its perimeters. Professionally-taken photos of the property add more attraction to the flyer rather than using stock images taken from the Internet and have no significance to the business. This tip is also applicable for travel agencies that offer tropical beach day tours.

If you are promoting a beach concert, you can use images of palm trees, ocean waves, or the sun. You can edit the color of the photos to fit the shades you are using in the background. At most, use only one or two images so that your flyer won't look congested.

5. Arrange the Content of the Flyer

For your flyers to be effective in conveying whatever messages you want them to, you should arrange them according to importance. You have to make sure that the details are clear and straightforward and that there is nothing irrelevant. For event flyers such as foam party, summer festival, and other ocean-themed occasions like birthdays and weddings, you only need to provide simple details such as what, where, and when. For business flyers, you need to provide more information about the facilities of the establishments as well as the services being offered.

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