An anonymous person said, "Beauty comes from the inside. Inside the hair salon.” Whether what kind of beauty salon there is, it's goal is to provide the best services it can. But to do these things, you first need to have your clients! Don't worry, reach more customers through this array of beautiful Ready-Made Beauty Salon Flyer Templates. These are available in MS Word, Apple (MAC) Pages, Photoshop, MS Publisher, and Illustrator. These are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable. These are available in (US) 8.5×11 inches + bleed. These also have CYMK Color with 300 DPI resolution. Download one and turn every client's day into a beauty!

What Is a Beauty Salon Flyer?

A beauty salon flyer is a promotional or advertising tool that a salon uses to reach customers.

How to Make a Beauty Salon Flyer

A lot of people are conscious of their looks. They want to be as presentable and as good-looking as much as they can. That's why a lot of people visit beauty salons to do the work for them. Also, did you know that back in 2018, beauty salons' revenue in the USA was around 5.24 billion U.S. dollars (according to Statista)? This goes to show that beauty salons are growing because of their clients. Interestingly, owning a beauty salon means that you have to do a lot of promotions and advertising to reach your clients. And if you want to use an effective and convenient tool, you can use a simple flyer.

Whether you're a pro in the industry or still on your grand opening, here are some useful tips to help you make a beautiful beauty salon flyer:

1. Hook Your Audience with a Headline

A good headline can make your editable flyer more interesting. You can play with words to make an effective one. You also have to note that your headline has to stress the benefits that your clients can get from your salon. To add, a short headline is the best. The majority of people would prefer reading a short one than a long one.

2. Use Images

Make your flyer more interesting by using images. Choose pictures that best represent your creative beauty salon flyer. Since you're making a salon flyer, you can put images about it. You can put a picture of an attractive model that can symbolize a customer after getting your services. Also, you can paste pictures of people who are getting the services of your salon. This way, people will have a vision of what can happen during a specific service. Select high-quality images because it can add beauty to your promotional flyer design.

3. Highlight Your Services

Engage your potential customers by providing some of your services on your flyer. You have to display the services that your business offers. By doing this, people are going to have an idea about what they can get from your salon. You don't have to list everything on the service flyer. You may only pick the best or the most popular services. This way, there'll be no flood of words on the flyer that can make it less engaging. Also, you can put a price on every service so that your customers can prepare their cash.

4. Feature Promos and Offers

Nothing beats a flyer that features convincing promos and offers. Studies say that you can easily sway customers through promotions. With this, you can paste a discount on the modern flyer, for example. But don't forget to highlight the promo of your hair salon or nail salon so that people can quickly read it. You can make the promo or offer slightly bigger than the other contents of your flyer. You can also use boldface to showcase it.

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