Beauty Salon Business Cards Templates

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How to Make a Beauty Salon Business Card?

Beauty salon business card is a small printed card bearing the information of a beauty salon business.  A modern business card is a crucial element when you are involved in the beauty industry. Whether you are planning to open a beauty parlor, hair salon, or even a construction business, it is best to have a business card. It will present specific details about your business. To delve deeper, we provide useful and easy-to-follow tips for you to create an elegant and creative beauty salon business card instantly.

1. Identify Necessary Information

First off, you need to decide on what information you are going to include in your beauty business card. At least you need to incorporate the following: your complete name, business/brand name, your job title, your contact details, and even your website. There are other details you may want to add such as your logo, business tagline, social media accounts, QR Code, and professional certifications. If you are a professional stylist, hairstylist, or makeup artist, you may include your certifications after your name.

2. Decide Where You Want Your Cards Made

There are choices as to where you want your beauty salon business cards made. It could be an order from an online printer. This option is the easiest and cost-effective way. If you want to get the most customized help, you can go and work with your local printer. You can also do it yourself. If you want to make it a good-looking one, our website offers various suitable simple and creative business card templates that you can utilize.

3. Design the Business Card

Start designing the simple card. If you know how to create custom or personal designs, then design it yourself. If you do not have much knowledge bout it, then, hire a professional graphic designer or work directly with the printing company. If you want to have an efficient and cost-effective way, you can download and use a ready-made business card template. This is known to be the easiest and cheapest alternative.

4. Use Colors Wisely

Along with designing your beauty salon or massage parlor business card, consider the use of color and fonts. As observed, the beauty shop portrays a calm and relaxing vibe. An article suggests, to show comfort, professionalism, and quality customer satisfaction, you may use smooth purples and pinks. Strong blues can balance this kind of light color and at the same time offers confidence and reliability. Take note, match your beauty salon business card with your brand.

5. Use Fonts Appropriately

To have a beautifully made printable business card, it does not require a lot of font style. Keeping it simple in a way that it is readable enough. An article online suggests that you may use Script typefaces. These are beautiful, elegant, and playful styles. 

6. Plan Your Paper Finish, Stock, and Size

It is also a crucial matter to decide on what kind of paper you are going to choose. If you want a shiny and vibrant look for your beauty salon business card, you can choose the glossy finish. It is best used in your salon business. Choosing your paper stock or cardstock must be of high-quality that can withstand any printing methods. We suggest that you maintain the standard business card size  (3.5 "x 2") as it will not be easily misplaced.