Beauty Gift Vouchers Templates

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How to Make a Beauty Gift Voucher

In this digital world, e-vouchers and coupons are popular. It's among the things that people go for when they don't know what to give to their friends and loved ones, whether for birthdays, Christmas, marriage anniversary, etc. According to the data shown in Statista, 60% of online shoppers in the world check if an unfamiliar digital retailer provides coupons and discounts vouchers before purchasing. 

Furthermore, as the competition in the market tightens, businesses in the beauty industry, on the other hand, are trying hard to entice consumers to purchase their services or products. Hence, the more reason for you to use vouchers. Because when you sell or give out gift vouchers, people become more and more aware and interested in your beauty offers, which can lead to an increase in your revenue. Follow the guide below on how you can come up with a beauty gift voucher.

1. Conceptualize the Design

To start, conceptualize your voucher's design. Think of what colors should go well together, what fonts are the best, and which compelling images to add. Do you wish to skip this dreading process? Surely, you can do that. With the use of a ready-made design layout template, creating an aesthetically pleasing voucher is just a matter of a few minutes. Check out our array of Ready-Made Beauty Gift Voucher Templates. They contain suggestive headings and content and pre-formatted designs and layouts, which you have the option to edit and customize in various file formats. They're also instantly downloadable and printable for your convenience.

2. Decide Your Voucher's Value

The effectiveness of your voucher depends on its value. For instance, you're making a gift voucher for your regular customers. The discount or promo value must be irresistible enough for them to head over to your spa or salon right away and avail of your services. But if you're creating a voucher that you can sell, you can just put any value to it. Just think of how much people usually spend when giving out presents. 

3. Provide the Essential Details

Understandably, your voucher must contain the list of information the recipient needs to know. This includes what the certificate entitles, the terms and agreements, the expiration date, the location(s) of where the bearer can claim the product or service, phone number, and website. Make sure your details are clear to avoid confusion among your customers.

4. Input Your Logo

You're almost there! To make it official, input your logo on the center, topmost portion of your voucher. This will indicate that the voucher is credible. On a side note, incorporate your company colors to your design as well, to promote your brand.

5. Proofread before Downloading and Printing

You should always proofread your work before downloading and printing to check if the expiration date and other information that your gift or discount voucher holds are correct. You don't want to cause any confusion and problems with your customers, as this can lead to an unhappy customer.