Have you ever felt guilty about forgetting your family member's birthday? It is one of the most commonly celebrated events by everyone. Undoubtedly, it is a special day to remember, but there is so much going on with our lives. And as our day continues to progress, we often miss celebrating special occasions like birthdays. Don't stress yourself anymore! Be reminded of your loved ones' birthdays with our Ready-Made Birthday Calendar Templates. It has features that will save you time and budget. Our beautifully-made templates are 100% customizable, editable, and printable in Microsoft Word. All available in A4 and US sizes. Grab one of our templates now and start celebrating birthdays just like before!

How to Make a Birthday Calendar in Microsoft Word

It must have been exciting for you to celebrate the same birthday with another person. However, do you know what the most popular month is for birthdays? It is in September. Birth data reveals that the most common birthday in the U.S. is September 9. This explains that parents usually plan on conceiving their child during the Holiday season. Other research shares the same findings, but you shouldn't leave out the other months' people celebrate birthdays. Help yourself be reminded by crafting your birthday calendar.
Don't know how? Follow these easy steps below:

1.Download your Chosen Template

The first step you must execute is selecting a sample calendar. Our vast collection of authentic and professionally -made templates will give you so many choices. To help you choose quickly, consider what type of calendar you want. If you wish to have all the months fit in one page, select templates that have features like that. Sure enough, you have set standards on the looks of your calendar. Make use of them and start downloading your template. You don't have to worry for these are all downloadable in any file formats.

2. Change Typefaces and Designs

Now that you have your template start customizing it. Dredging your editable calendar with your style will make it remarkable and unique. To do that, you may add enticing icons, inspiring quotes, or highlight its columns and rows. As for the months and corresponding dates, maximize their sizes enough that it is readable. Overdesigning might ruin the legibility of your work. So keep in mind to alter the colors and typefaces accordingly. You can go minimalist or maximalist with your calendar.

3. Add in More Spaces

Managing your events every day is hard, especially if they are too many. Incorporating additional space and note in your simple calendar gives more room for your other activities aside from birthdays. It helps you organize your schedule and meet your objectives for the day or month. By that, you won't miss greeting the celebrant a happy birthday, but you can also celebrate it with them.

4. Display in a Visible Place

Processing the design and layout of your printable calendar, review if the dates are on the right day of the week and if the design is decent and satisfactory. If yes, then print out your calendar. Imprint it using a high-quality paper stock to assure that it is durable. Subsequently, you can now display your birthday calendar in your office or classroom. Take note that you must post it where you can see it easily.

5. Mark Down the Birthdates

Finally, mark the dates on your calendar, but before that, you must first make a list of the birthdays. After acquiring one, cross out the dates on your birthday calendar and add special notes you want to put in it. For instance, you want to surprise the celebrant on his birthday; thus, you can write it on the spaces affixed in it.

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