How to Make a Birthday Voucher in Microsoft Word

Gift vouchers are the best way to give a present to your family and friends who celebrate their special day. For the reason that it is flexible whether they want to celebrate in a restaurant or they want to travel. Many people use the voucher as a gift because it is hassle-free — no need for you to go to the mall to buy gifts. According to Statista, as of 2018, the projected amount of gift card sales is much more tremendous compared to 2010, which is 160 billion U.S dollars. Thus, make your birthday voucher to avoid spending too much on buying one. For you to do that, here are some tips and guidelines to follow to create a printable voucher template.

1. Determine Your Voucher Size

To begin with, identify first what size of a voucher you are going to use. The gift certificate varies in size. You can choose between these vouchers sizes such as 3" x 7" and 3.5" x 8.5" or you can choose the standard size, which is 3" x 8". In this way, you can adjust the range of the details you are about to put to the sample template. Plus, the voucher's size is the basis of your content.

2. Choose a Design and Color Scheme

Colors matter most in everything we design. It is because colors are not only in designing, but it also conveys emotion and message. Design your voucher according to your preference. As much as possible, don't overdo your design to avoid it from being messy. Upon designing your voucher, accompany it with a light color that can spice it up. A good design accompanied with bright and lively colors can make your voucher stand out from others. Plus, design your voucher according to your taste and preference.

3. Keep It Simple

As you design your gift certificate, make it simple yet appealing to the eyes. It doesn't need to be creative as long as the receiver appreciates your effort. Keep it simple to refrain from being cluttered. But, remember that too much minimalism can make your printable voucher looks dull. Maintain simplicity but not to the extent that it is too bland to watch. Thus, don't exaggerate your design to notice it.

4. Indicate the Details

Once you finish the design, enter the details of your blank voucher. Make sure that you indicate the name and contact number of the voucher's receiver, terms and conditions, amount of the voucher, and the voucher's effectiveness. Review all the details if you forget something, or you write wrong information that can ruin the voucher. Remember that the details are the most vital part of your voucher.

5. Print and Share

Double-check the voucher to finalize the details before you print it. Choose a high-quality and special paper for a better outcome. Also, to avoid it from being crappy and lousy. Lastly, share it with your family and friends and surprise them with your creative voucher to make their day extra special.

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