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How to Make a Birth Certificate in Microsoft Word

A birth certificate is an official document that issued as a record of a person or even a pet. It distinguishes the data such as the name, gender, date of birth, and place of birth. Among those things, a birth certificate also presents the name of legitimate parents. Birth certificates are original documents that would certify the ensuing registration of the birth of the person or the pet. This sample certificate would bring legal records about the specific person or pet and other details regarding their birth. It plays an important role, especially for lawful identification purposes. It would help verify the authorities about their background.

Birth certificates are not those kinds of documents that can be easily be found everywhere. These editable certificates are only issued to specific offices, especially where that person is born. But if you have permission to issue a birth certificate by yourself, then you have come to the right place where you can have all the resources you need. Here are the following steps on how to make an official birth certificate by using Microsoft Word.

1. Choose a Birth Certificate Template Online

Instead of starting from a blank canvass, you can choose a birth certificate template that you can find online. There are several templates, predesigned and fillable with free features such as suggestive content, and graphics. If you want to save time and have a more convenient way of creating a birth certificate, downloading an editable online template will be a great solution. If you want to start from a blank canvass and make one on your own, you can use any software application like Microsoft Word.

2. Fill Out the Important Details

As mentioned above, birth certificates bring legal records of a specific person or even a pet. Your birth certificate must also bear the same objective. Provide necessary details like the complete name, gender, the birth date, the birthplace, blood type, full names of the parents, height, weight as well as the name of the person who issues the birth certificate. Indicate everything specifically and genuinely. If you are using a printable online template, make sure to replace the suggestive texts with the specific information.

3. Provide Signatory Lines for the Authorities

Birth certificates must be considered legal. To legalize your birth certificate, you must provide signatory lines for the significant people to sign it officially and legally. For the birth of a baby, the birth certificate must contain signatory lines for the delivering doctor and the assisting nurse/s. As for the pets, most notably for dogs and cats, it must contain signatory lines for the veterinarian or anyone in charge of the pet or animal care. In some cases, the parents are also encouraged to sign the birth certificates. Provide enough signatory lines and make sure to write down the complete names of each individual.

4. Customize with Design Elements

Legal birth certificates must not be overcrowded with designs. As much as possible, customize the birth certificate with design elements that are simple yet professional. Keep it to minimal graphics and make sure that the content of the birth certificate is legible enough.

5. Proofread and Print

Before printing, proofread your whole birth certificate and make sure everything is correct. Check for glaring errors and revise them as needed. Save your birth certificate document in a standard birth certificate in A4 size for printing. Use a good paper stock such as scented paper, parchment paper, and other textured papers.

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