Ahh, birthdays! A time where you get to bond with your family and friends, receive gifts, blow a birthday candle, and gobble down delicious dishes. Is your birthday or someone's birthday coming up? Use our professionally-made and high-quality Birthday Invitation Card Templates in Word to invite people to your fun and exciting party. They're 100% customizable and editable. What's more? You can instantly download and print these in 4x6 and 5x7 Inches + Bleed. Why create an invitation from scratch when you simply use our ready-made templates below? Save your time and avoid the hassle by downloading our templates today!

How To Create A Birthday Invitation Card In Word

Did you know that September is the most popular birth month in America? According to Reader's Digest, one reason for that could be because it's the winter season, and our bodies crave cuddles during those times. But regardless of what month are you born with, you should celebrate your birthday to give thanks that you're still alive and is given a new chance in life. After all, birthdays only come once a year.

Birthday parties, especially the 1st birthday and 18th birthday, take time to prepare. And among those things are invitation cards. Yes, you can just invite people over by emailing, texting, or calling them. However, it would be more exciting, fun, and formal if you hand out invitation cards. To create an attractive birthday invitation card in Word, make sure you follow our guide below.

1. Decide on a Party Theme

Of course, the theme of your invitation card should match with your party theme, so before you start making the invitation, decide on a party theme first. Choose a theme that matches the celebrant's age and personality. For instance, a girl's 10th birthday. For this, you can go with a Hello Kitty, Frozen, or unicorn themed party. And if the celebrant is a boy and an avid Spiderman fan, then can go with a Spiderman themed party. Remember, the theme should be about the celebrant.

2. Prepare an Attractive Layout

Now that you have decided on a party theme, you surely have a layout already in mind. Know that you can prepare your layout in two ways; either create one from scratch or use a ready-made template. Good news! Our websites offer Editable Card Templates that contain original artworks and fonts and high-quality images, so you don't have to make one from scratch. And if you choose the latter, just click File/Open, locate and click the downloaded template, then hit Open to use the template.

3. Include a High-Quality Photo

Adding a photo of the celebrant to the invitation is one way of informing the guests who the celebrant is. To do this, go to Insert tab/Picture, then locate and select the image file to insert your photo to your Word document. Also, make sure your photo is of high-quality and avoid using small images as it pixelates.

4. Insert the Important Details

Insert the important details of the party to the card, such as what the celebration is all about, time and date, venue, and attire details. You must highlight the occasion and name of the celebrant on the card. To do this, Use typography to your text. And remember, the lettering style would say a lot about the celebrant, so try on different typography styles until you run into the one the fits well with the theme and the celebrant's personality.

5. Finalize and Print in Scented Papers

Before finally saving the document, make sure you carefully go over it to ensure that there are no mistakes. Once saved and downloaded, print your invitation in scented papers, so they smell nice.

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