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How to Create a Photo Book Cover?

An editable photo book or photobook is a book that contains photographs, similar to a photo album. Taking photographs can make the experience more enjoyable and being able to save the memory of those experiences is always important. A photo book is the best way to preserve your memories such as your wedding and your newborn baby. A photo book is lightweight and thin, thus taking up less room on the shelf. A photo book cover is a protective paper that lies on, over, or around the photobook to cover and protect its pages and contents.

Create the business cover of your photo book as special as the photographs it bears. Photobooks can be very important for us in preserving the memories of your birthday, travel, or senior year in school for you to tell stories in the future. Photobooks can be a do-it-yourself (DIY) or as a whole family activity. To have the perfect creative cover design for your photo book, this article will give you five simple tips and tricks.

1. The Theme

Choose a major theme for your creative book cover before having a photoshoot. Is it going to be antique-themed? Classic? Or a minimalist? The theme will then guide you on what color scheme, typography, and photos you are going to use on the title page and its content. Keep in mind that the theme needs to be consistent through the album.

2. The Book Title

When making any kind of book cover, it is important that you think about the title. It is the most prominent element on the photobook cover which should draw the attention of the audience. If you are making a travel photo book, you can entitle your photo book with "Hello World". And if you are making a photo book about your wedding then entitle it with "Better Together". However, the book title is usually done before the entire content is finished.

3. The Blurb

Modern book covers actually include a blurb but it is not necessary. A blurb is a short descriptive line that can help in elaborating more on the photo book's subject that complements the book title. Just like the book title, it should give an impact to raise the interest of your reader. You can use a quote for your blurb, however, it should still complement the overall content and title.

4. The Cover Photo

If you want to come up with a printable book cover, then it's highly suggested that you include a cover photo. Scan through the photos you have in hand and choose an appropriate photo that you think will surely tell the story of your photo book. If you are making a wedding album, then it's best if you choose a photo of the couple as a cover photo. The cover photo should also be placed strategically, however, it is your choice if you are going to place it in the center, below the title, on top of the title, or use it as an overall background of the cover.

5. The Photo Book Cover

After you finalized the design of your photo book cover, you can now print it. To produce more vibrant colors, you can preferably use a glossy finish paper. For a more durable cover, use card stock or dense inventory paper. Also, do not forget to decide if your photo book cover is going to be a hardcover or softcover. The hardcover is the most popular cover type since it is durable that will surely protect the content of your photo book.

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