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What is a Photo Organizational Chart?

A photo organizational chart is simply a chart that features photos of the people who are in that organization. It depicts the internal structure of an organization or company. It comes in the form of a diagram that graphically shows the relationship between an official to another official in one organization.

How to Make a Photo Organizational Chart?

The images on simple photo organizational charts enable an individual to visualize the full organization. Relationships such as the president to year level representatives of student government, directors to managing directors of a manufacturing company, chief executive officers to managers of a small business, and so on can be showcased by an org chart.

A photo organizational chart has three types: the hierarchy chart (hierarchal), matrix chart (matrix), and flat chart (horizontal). Among the three types of an org chart, the hierarchy chart is the most conventional type since the ranks in a company structure it.

Whether it is a small business with 50 employees or a big business with 500 employees, photo organizational charts enable executives to handle an employee or employees efficiently at all times. It can also help make the whole organization more visible. Here are the fundamental steps to creating an organizational chart:

1. Add Company Details

State the company details on the photo organizational chart. The reader should know what company is the photo organizational chart for. Be sure to indicate the company address, email address, and telephone number. You can add more details about the company, like its vision and mission. Just keep in mind that the detail should be relevant.

2. Make Layout

Review how your company or organization works or makes decisions. The layout of your photo organizational chart can either be arranged horizontally or vertically. If it is structured horizontally, it implies that the energy structure is distributed among staff or team. A vertical structure means that the company's authority is mainly hierarchical, moving from general staff to middle executives and then to top executives. More staff are empowered to create choices in a horizontal structure while you have to go up the power structure in a vertical scheme to make a decision.

3. Organize Staff Members

A photo organizational chart displays the notion known as the chain of commands graphically. It also illustrates the flow of power, accountability, and interaction within the organization. Use the names of your staff and organize your chart by connecting their names to each other.

4. Staff Details

A sample photo organizational chart typically contains employee information such as contact details, photo, email id, and position. That is why you should gather the information you need about the employees or staff in the office.

5. Close Up Photos

Photo organizational chart profiles always include photos. Having a photo of the employee or officials can be helpful for new hires to learn the team members' names easily and quickly. Take headshot photos or close up photos of your employees. Make sure that the photos are formal and professional-looking.

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