What is a Funeral Brochure?

A funeral brochure is a printed document that outlines what one needs to know about the deceased and the funeral service that will be held for him/her.

How to Make a Funeral Brochure in Apple Pages

1. Begin By Utilizing Apple Pages

This user-friendly program is used by most due to the many tools and options it has available for users. With it, you can choose whether you want a single, dual, or tri-fold brochure and decide the layout for both its design and content. Know that only Macs or devices with iOs installed can use the program. Should you not have any, then there are always other alternatives for you to choose from.

2. Place a Picture of the Deceased

It is very important that you include a photo in your funeral service brochure as it alone can help readers identify who the service is for. You'll want one that's editable so that you can make necessary changes to its size when needed. Also, you must choose one that's appropriate in terms of quality and how it displays the deceased. When it comes to resizing, make sure that it's large enough so that it immediately catches the eyes of the reader, but not too large where it takes up too much space.

3. Provide Information the Readers Will Want to Know About Him/Her

A good funeral brochure should start with the complete name of the person that has passed. You must then write down the date in which he/she was born and the complete address. Lastly, put in the date and time of passing as well as the location in which it happened. Make sure to include the month, day, and year when writing down the dates as you'll need to be as specific as possible. Also, check to make sure that you didn't make any mistakes such as misspelling his/her name or providing the wrong time.

4. Acknowledge His/Her Achievements

You can provide a section in your memorial brochure where you provide descriptions that talk about the deceased. When doing this, you must paint that person in a positive light by pointing out things such as what he/she enjoyed or the accomplishments made. When it comes to sharing these achievements, only provide the reader with details that he/she would like to know; no need for you to go overboard as you simply need to get straight to the point.

5. Point Out Details on the Service

You want to make sure that the people attending the funeral are aware of all the details. Start your funeral program brochure by pointing out the time and date in which it's going to take place. Then you'll want to point out the exact address of the church or whatever establishment will be used to hold the service.

Lastly, write down the order of the funeral service and the complete name of the individual that will be officiating it. When putting in the order, be sure to include every step that needs to take place during the funeral and the exact time in which they are going to happen.

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