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How to Make Funeral Cards in Apple Pages

Funerals serve as an acknowledgment that someone dear has died. It provides support to the loved ones that are left. It is a melancholic and sympathy-filled gathering, but funerals are still meaningful. Death is a reminder of the existence of life and death. Through funerals, people celebrate the life that the departed one had. It is a gathering in loving memory of him or her. Funeral cards can serve as a memorial card, thank-you card, or an invitation card. It is a piece of paper that serves as a remembrance to the ones that are left. It helps commemorate the life that the dead one had. So here are the steps in making a funeral card.

1. The Purpose

There are many reasons why people make funeral cards. It can be for a memorial, attendance-appreciation, or an invitation. Some people make all the three, but to avoid confusion and errors, focus on one purpose one at a time. So decide the intention of your funeral card.

2. The Information

No matter the purpose of the funeral card, information of the dead is needed. First of all, know the personal information of the deceased. More specifically, provide the name and the date of birth. Then, the death information—the date of death, the date of the funeral, the place of burial, and the time of burial. These can also be found in the obituary of the person. You have to make sure that the information is correct in respect of the dead and the loved ones.

3. The Visualization

Imagine the design of the card. Funeral cards do not need fancy designs; it needs to be discrete and respectful. Death is not that celebratory for the designs to be colorful and joyful. It's a respectful gathering, so it should reflect in the card. You can use a modern and simple approach for a straightforward message. You can also follow the Victorian approach for an old and vintage style. Flowers are a meaningful symbol of death, so you can also use that. It is the most commonly used design for funeral cards. All you need to consider in designing is simplicity.

4. The Actualization

After visualizing, start making the funeral cards. In Mac, open Apple Pages. Start to layout the blank paper. The standard size of a funeral card is 5 in × 3 in. Then, decide the format orientation of the card, either portrait or landscape. The orientation depends on your artistic preference.

Then, design. Put the planned design into the paper. Make sure that everything is sincere and truthful. Everything has to be respectful. Next, insert a proper photo of the deceased. It serves as a remembrance to everyone. Then, insert the texts. That includes the name, the dates, the place, and the time. You can also put a quote said by the dead or a favorite quote of him or her. Lastly, put the prayer.

5. The Finalization

Review the newly made funeral cards and make sure that every information is right. After finalizing, save the card and print it.

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