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How to Make a Funeral Invitation in Apple Pages

Death is a natural occurrence. Whether we like it or not, people will come and go. The best way to accept the death of the person we love is to celebrate them even for the last time through a funeral service. The purpose of a funeral is to pay respect and remember our departed loved ones. So if you are planning to have a memorial service for your loved one who departed, one of the things you need to consider is making a funeral invitation. Since a funeral service is a memorial day to bid goodbye to our loved ones who passed away, your invitation card must be formal and respectful enough. With that being said, we will help you create a funeral invitation card by providing you some tips. Here's how.

1. Determine the Type of Funeral Ceremony

Before you craft your funeral invitation card, you must first know the type of funeral ceremony you will have. Knowing so will allow you to make a funeral invitation that will relate to the atmosphere of the program. This will also help you prepare for the designs that you will put into your formal invitation card.

2. Download an Editable Funeral Invitation Template

Once you have an idea of the type of funeral ceremony you will have, you may download a sample funeral invitation template that you can use as a reference. Using a ready-made sample invitation card will save you time since this has embedded graphic designs, artworks, and layouts. So you don' have to create your invitation card from scratch. Only make sure to choose the funeral invitation card that complements with the ceremony you will have.

3. Customize in Apple Pages

Modifying your funeral invitation card template will be easy if you will use Apple Pages editing software. This word processor program allows you to customize your template in a hassle-free manner. All its editing tools are placed where you can see directly. Besides that, Apple Pages offers you a wide variety of excellent features that you can incorporate into your funeral invitation template. You can access Apple Pages using any device like Mac, iPad, iPhone so that you can edit your template anytime, anywhere.

4. Add your Inviting Message

After that, you can place your wording into your printable invitation card. What's inside your funeral invitation card is just simple. Write the name of the deceased person along with an "In Loving Memory of" phrase. Don't forget to write also the date and time of the ceremony and the venue. You may also attach an obituary for your guests so that they will be guided throughout the program. Nevertheless, keep your details as brief and concise as possible not to confuse your guests.

5. Print and Distribute

The last step will be printing your funeral invitation card. Just like any other professional invitation card, you must print your funeral invitation card using first-rate card stock and a functional printing machine to ensure that you will produce a high-quality funeral invitation card. Afterward, you can already distribute it to your guests.

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