Have you been looking everywhere for a sleek and contemporary design to make use of for putting together your promotional flyer? Well, no need to keep on searching, for we’ve got you covered right here with our hefty catalog of professional Ready-made Modern Templates! No matter how much or how little experience you may have in designing, our templates can be of use to you! For your convenience, each 100% customizable template in our selection comes as a file that’s easy-editable in Adobe InDesign; available in either bi-fold or trifold formats with CMYK colors and 300 DPI resolution. Download now and make your own elegant brochure!

How to Make a Modern Brochure in Adobe InDesign

If you’re looking for an effective way to create a simple yet eye-catching pamphlet, Adobe InDesign and our diverse set of Ready-made Modern Templates are the right tools for you! Read on and you can follow our simple guide to help you out.

1. Go Get a Subscription to Adobe InDesign

If you need the right software to use for putting together a nifty advertisement, then InDesign is just the program that you’re looking for! This impressive bit of graphic-rendering technology from Adobe has been created specifically for the conception of publicized reading material, making it a perfect fit for your promotional handout! If you don’t have it yet, then head over to Adobe’s online store so you can subscribe monthly to using InDesign.

On the other hand, you’re probably considering other choices of software out there to get instead. However, you can be sure that Adobe InDesign will be the one and only program you’ll ever need for assembling your very own advertising brochure, coming with all the needed tools to get the job done. And if you’re still unsure about subscribing to Adobe, then you can take up their free trial offer to try out their products for 7 whole days and without the need for credit card information, so you can get started on making your promo flyer without registering to a subscription yet!

2. Download and Then Install Adobe InDesign

Before you jump right into editing your brochure template, open up InDesign after subscribing to and installing it. Have a look through the user interface and get familiar with its features. You’ll see a blank sheet taking up most of the space with InDesign’s different tools surrounding it. If you have little to no experience in using an art and illustration program, then it might seem a bit daunting to get used to it at first; but, after just a bit of poking around, it won’t take too long to get comfortable enough for just sprucing up your advertisement brochures.

3. Hunt for the Right Template

After some skimming through InDesign, you should now be confident enough with it to start putting together your flyer/brochure. But, of course, you’ll first have to browse through our selection of Ready-made Modern Templates and find the appropriate design for the job. Whether you want something creative, minimalist, professional, or sentimental; we guarantee that you can find something to use from our line-up of templates!

4. Download Your Chosen Design and Start Editing

Did you decide on a template yet? Go ahead and download it so you can get to work. Since our templates already come pre-made for you, all you’ll need to do is add and edit the text and make whatever alterations required to the graphic design.

5. Remember to Save and You’re Done

When you’re finished with making whatever changes you need to the template, just save your work and your design is ready to print out. Hand out impressive brochures after just a bit of work with Adobe InDesign and our Ready-made Modern Templates!

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