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How to Make a Printable Brochure in InDesign

The use of business brochures never gets old, and it is still one of the most cost-effective marketing tools used by most businesses to promote and advertise their products and services. Brochures function similarly to advertising flyers except that they are presented as a folded material. Learning how to create brochures in InDesign is a basic way to start your business' marketing campaign, and we've got a bunch of tips below to help you out.

1. Serve at the Pleasure of Your Readers

When we decide whether to use bi-fold or trifold brochures, it's not solely based on personal preference but also according to factors that interest readers. Putting ourselves in the prospect’s shoes will make your brochures more effective especially when they respond positively to it. Always remember that you are making brochures not for yourself but for your prospects because they are the brand’s market target.

2. Emphasize Your Headline

The headline of your advertising brochure should directly and strikingly tell the readers what it is about. Also, your headline should be catchy and witty enough to attract their interest and attention, otherwise, it will most likely be overlooked. In terms of font, make it larger and thicker to distinguish it from the other text.

3. Refrain from Highlighting the Basics

Although the basic information such as the name of the company, logo design, contact numbers, and location are relevant details to your brochures, the spotlight should not be on them. But that doesn't mean that you no longer need to make these details clear, it only means that the reader's full attention should be on the most important details. The basic information should still be provided as a reference in case the prospects would want to reach out to you by calling you or visiting your store.

4. Keep it Simple and Direct

These are two important things that you have to keep in mind when creating a modern brochure. First, it’s not a storybook so one must avoid narrating all the information in details. Doing this will only confuse the readers and would definitely weaken the real intention which is to sell the products and services to the market. Second, keep the words simple and easily understandable. The simpler the vocabulary, the better it is at getting understood.

5. Creativity Leads to Uniqueness

What sets us apart from each other is our capacity to create something new through our creative minds. People say that “in this time and age when the level of creativity of designers is staggering, uniqueness is paramount.” The same thing can be said when making creative brochures, one must make it like no one has. Always have the desire to create something original and unique, and this allows people to easily distinguish you from your competitors.

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