Not all those who seek publicity are looking after their own interests. Distributing flyers may be a known sales tool for businesses to drive a company’s goal towards success, but who says it can’t serve an even more noble purpose? Cancer has been a threat to generations. If you wish to promote awareness, support cancer patients, and extend help to combat this disease, use our Cancer Flyer Templates to your advantage. It’s professionally designed to fit the agenda, and it comes with comprehensive and suggestive content for your reference. Fully downloadable and easily editable in Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesignPublisher, and Pages. Share your cause and download now a template!

What is a Cancer Flyer?

Generally, flyers are advertisement materials that are used to promote events, activities, and businesses. A cancer flyer, on the other hand, is a specific type of flyer that's solely intended for raising awareness about cancer. Just like other flyers, this one also contains details about the event including the schedule, venue, and agenda. Moreover, cancer flyers can be handed out personally or posted on public bulletin boards.

How to Make a Cancer Flyer

Worldwide, cancer is still a problem and the number of cases is constantly growing which has been difficult for a lot of medical professionals. According to Statista, there have been 607,000 cancer-related deaths in the United States in 2019, making it the second leading cause of death among Americans. If you wish to do your part in helping to fight this threat, raise awareness, and provide aid to those who are facing this battle, spread the word through flyer distribution. Below are steps on how you can make informative and reliable cancer flyers.

1. Plan Out Your Content

Flexibility is among a flyer’s advantage, so your content can be anything that revolves around the same topic. It could be an announcement for a fundraising activity, an invitation to a charity gala for cancer patients, or simply a brief awareness reminder. Make a draft of your content and plan out how you want it to appear on your layout. This will zero in on what purpose you’d like your flyer to serve and give you ideas on what design elements to pursue.

2. Provide All the Necessary Information

Remember to include basic details such as contact information, location, company name, and website, among others. This information allows your audience to reach you. In cases such as donation drives, raffle promos, and charity runs where there might be lengthy instructions, your promotional flyer's limited content space may not be able to cater to the entire layout. If this happens, you can always adjust the font size, but a wordy flyer can hardly keep a reader engaged.

3. Utilize Branding Elements

Your company, group, or organization’s logo and motif are an extension of your identity. The people will recognize you better when they see visual cues. Incorporate some of your branding designs on the layout. This will mark your flyer as your own and will help you stand out among other organizations and businesses. This is highly advisable if you’re business or organization is new and still trying to make an impact.

4. Know Your Audience

Appeal to who you’re writing trying to reach. If the event is a cancer charity, you can tailor-fit your material to attract cancer advocates. If it’s a benefit run, allow your content to speak to health enthusiasts and encourage them to help. If you're spreading the word of awareness and prevention, target the general public and try to avoid using complex medical terms. This will help your health flyer become relatable and will increase the chances of you persuading people to join your cause.

5. Choose a Fitting Flyer Template

If graphic design is not your area of expertise, you might as well use a flyer template. This will provide a professionally designed layout complete with the necessary fonts, color scheme, layers, and suggestive content that you can easily edit to accommodate your needs. When choosing a template, go with something that closely resembles your theme, motif, and purpose. There are tons of healthy event flyers in our collection that you can conveniently download and customize.

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