Reaching out is one of the things we consider to make every journey lighter. If we think we need a support system that would inspire us to cope with our fights every day, always remember that there are people out there who are willing to offer a hand. Most of them would even support a party celebration or a raffle game to help support special events. We know that there are people out there who inspire us to move forward, like those people who are living with cancer. Empowering them through spreading awareness, bring a huge impact. Creating cancer flyers is one of the ways we think to organize these campaigns. Our flyers template is editable, 100% customizable, and professional. These flyers are downloadable in any device with several formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. 

How to Make a Cancer Flyer in Word

According to the recent statistics posted on the World Health Organization's website, about 1.38 million new cases and 458,000 deaths from breast cancer each year (IARC Globocan, 2008). It was considered as a silent killer in the United States. Over the years, new mutations discovered. Scientists discovered a new type of cancer cells predominantly every decade. While we're still waiting for a cure, reaching out for support groups and communities is beneficial. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month held during October wherein people living with cancer meet new acquaintances with the same journey. This program helps every victim to share experiences and stories which help them express their struggles. Behind the celebration, are people who willingly hand help to reach out. They usually use flyers to spread awareness, while some use health flyers and health brochures as well.

Campaign organizer and fundraiser uses flyers and brochure to raise cancer awareness. If you plan to conduct a symposium, you may consider creating a conference flyer or provide a conference invitation to gather better participants for you to obtain relevant science updates and new cancer management. We know that the standard way to spread awareness about cancer is through creating a flyer. We consider these essential ingredients that would help you develop better flyers and possibly become part of your healthcare flyer too.

1. Set the Atmosphere

When we talk about cancer, there's a lot to discuss. Enlighting people with a brief message on the heading part of the flyer will support the underlying brand messages on the bottom part. You can start with your events like "Cancer Awareness Month" or "World Cancer Day." By quoting the occasion, it directly conveys the message and facilitates understanding. On the base part, you can now support it with essential details such as venue location, date, and short event description. Moreover, if you aim to target a specific group of people, you may put these details on this part, such as essential leukemia management. It will be beneficial if you specify your mission on your flyer.

2. Simplify Content

Concise and straight details in your flyer convey the message in a speed of light. You may create a sample fact sheet to guide you through creating your content on your flyers. Along with your brief message, vector icons, fonts, and layouts, all components and elements should flow smoothly with your vision. A straightforward content persuades more audiences as it flows at all levels.

3. Use Essential Logos, Symbols, and Icons

A complimentary ribbon and vector heart icons symbolize cooperation, unity, and care to support this noble movement. We know that you have specific needs in connecting people in one cause, we recommend logo in Photoshop where you can edit and build your logos maximizing your brilliant concept in one piece.

4. Balance the Color

Color symmetry should complement well with the chosen layouts. If you have a full resolution on one part, balance the tone on the other part. If you aim for better flyers, make sure every corner visually equal through putting an image or logos with the same color. Several ribbon colors correspond well with a specific cancer campaign. You can find these cancer colors online to satisfy your goals. A pink color enhances the message if you talk about breast cancer campaign. Also, use a complementary color hue scheme, combination of monochromatic colors, or CYMK color scheme in your cancer flyers will develop your graphics.

5. Print your Flyer

Right after combining all components and elements on your flyers, proofread thoroughly every detail for accuracy and consistency. These modern flyers are available in portrait style with standard 8.5x11 inches (US) size. We recommend semi-glossy and glossy paper sheets. Furthermore, before your final artworks come into physical output, check the volume of color on your cartridges and print in bulk to save time. These flyers are editable and customizable, so putting your designs from logo to layout and incorporating all brilliants ideas into a piece of artwork is achievable. Also, if you want to do a fundraising plan right after creating your flyer, you may check our available fundraising templates, which made available for download too.

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