Cancer is not anymore unknown. It already caused millions of deaths. People know it exists, but are not fully taking necessary precautions to stay healthy. Be an instrument of change in people's lives as you involve in the movement of being a health advocate and spread awareness. Use a flyer as a medium. Get yourself some help with our Ready-Made Cancer Flyer templates. Download, save and edit them in Microsoft Publisher, Word, Apple Pages, Adobe PSD (Photoshop Document), Indesign, and Illustrator. A4, US letter sizes, 5 x 7 inches all with Bleed. Help spread preventive measures and save a life now!

How to Create a Cancer Flyer in Word

A cancer flyer is a medium that helps disseminate information about cancer. It contains an understandable description of the type of cancer it talks about, if there are any advocacies supporting cancer patients and events that aim to raise funds for them. It’s a double-edged sword because it only not gives an advantage to the concerned patients but also the people who will be able to receive and read the cancer flyer. If you need to make one, below are steps to create a cancer flyer in Microsoft Word software.

1. Specify the Flyer’s Purpose

You have two tasks in this step. The first is for you to know what type of cancer will be posted in the flyer. It is an awareness about what? Leukemia, lung cancer, or breast cancer? There are a lot on the list of cancer diseases. You can also base your purpose on the celebration month of specific cancer. But if you are to educate people about an uncommon type of cancer or you just want people to be well-informed by these deadly diseases, you don’t have to wait for those months to come. The second task you need to accomplish is to know why you are going to do the flyer. It can be, as mentioned earlier, just purely to educate people. Or does your organization going to organize an event for the breast cancer awareness month and the like? Or a fundraising event for a cancer charity to benefit cancer patients? Determine all these so you can proceed with the next step.

2. Create the Details

After determining the particulars, it’s time to accumulate the details needed for the flyer. Research a short description of the cancer disease then lead the receivers and readers of your flyer to the purpose of the flyer, like if it is for an event, etc. Entail the date, venue, and other details for the health event flyer. If you are part of a cancer support community, you can add the information of your vision and mission so people would know that your organization exists.

3. Design the Flyer

Choose a creative flyer from Publisher’s template library. Click create after picking one. Customize the contents, from texts to the design, using the east to use tools of Microsoft Publisher. Put a logo of your organization, if applicable. Design the texts’ font styles to make it more attractive and make the design modernized to persuade your audience effectively. Check the details you’ve inputted on the flyer, so you’re assured you won’t be giving out wrong information to the public.

4. Produce and Distribute

Finally, publish your work in Publisher. Save it in Publisher (.pub) file format. Print copies of it and distribute it! All that there’s left to do is to distribute it to the masses. Get more of your promotional materials done quicker and smarter with our handy promotion templates that you can grab anytime for free. Produce more now!

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