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How to Create a Sports Card in MS Word

Sports cards are cards that consist of sports-related information. Sports cards vary in types. Some sports cards function as an identification card for the players, as a business card, or as a trading card. Identification cards are cards that help verify a person as a player. Business cards consist of contact information for the players or the whole team. Lastly, trading cards can solely be collectibles for the fans to collect. The purpose of the sports cards depends on the intention. So here are the steps in creating a sports card.

1. Decide the Purpose

Decide among the list of sports card types for your purpose. There are cards for identification cards, business cards, and trading cards. Each type has its different purpose, and each has a different function. So decide which one applies your purpose better.

2. Gather Information

After deciding on the type of sports card, gather the pieces of information that are needed for the sports card. If it is for an identification card, gather the name, the team, and the sports. If the card is for a business card, collect the contact information of the individual or the team. The contact information includes the cell phone number, telephone number, address, e-mail address, and website. Don't forget to get the name and the team name for recognition. If it's for a trading card, all you need is the name of the player and the team name.

What needs to be settled first, too, is the type of sports involved in the sports card. There are many sports in the world. It can be for football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, or tennis. Know which sports need sports cards.

3. Imagine the Design

In consideration of the type of sports card that you are making, plan an appropriate design that suits the purpose better. Sports identification cards look like a regular ID card; the only difference is it is sports-related. The sports business cards look like a standard business card, but it's for a whole team. The team manager handles, most of the time, the team's business card. Trading cards, however, need design. It is a collectible for the fans, so it needs to show the fun side of the sport. You can aim for a modern design for these all for a newer approach.

4. Layout the Sports Card

Now, it is time to start layouting. Open the MS Word and resize the blank canvas. The standard size of a sports card is 2½ inches × 3½ inches. Decide a more suitable format orientation for the card. Every type can be in portrait or landscape depending on your favor.

5. Design the Sports Card

After layouting, take your imagination into action. Insert the designs that you have planned. Make sure that it is appropriate and necessary for the type of sports card. Identification cards and business card are semi-formal cards that do not need much design. So take note of the limitations that you have in terms of designing.

6. Insert the Information

The next thing to insert are the pieces of information that need to be included in the sports cards. The information commonly includes the name, the sports, the team, the contact information, and, of course, the formal portrait pictures.

7. Finalize and Print

After making the sports cards, recheck for unnecessary errors and misspelled words. After finalizing, save and print the sports cards.

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