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What Is A Sports Certificate?

A sports certificate is a document of recognition certifying the achievement, participation, or graduation of an individual in a sports event or fitness program. This certificate is awarded by a sports coach, a sports commissioner, and a fitness trainer.

How To Create A Sports Certificate In Microsoft Word?

A hard-working and determined player or fitness program student deserves a certificate of appreciation honoring their amazing athletic feats. So if you're about to hold a sports tournament such as basketball, cricket, or football, or a fitness program such as swimming lessons, you should prepare sports certificates. To help you with that, we have gathered a few basic tips on how to create one.

1. Use Microsoft Word

There are lots of sophisticated editing software that are reliable enough as a certificate maker. You can choose any of them as long as you find one that's convenient. However, Microsoft Word (doc), which is widely known as a word processor, is good enough to be a certificate maker. It's capable of letting you craft a sports certificate with a great design, thanks to its helpful tools and features. Plus, it's already available in almost any computer system, whether PC or mobile.

2. Attach All Necessary Logos

A logo is the branding of the sports certificate. Without it, the certificate might be considered as unofficial. With that in mind, you must attach the logo of your sports tournament or fitness program. You must place it at the top part of the sample certificate, either on the right side, left side, or center. If you have a sponsorship, you should also attach their logo to honor their aid to make your tournament or program a success, either beside your logo or at the opposite side.

3. Decide On A Fitting Title

A certificate must also have a fitting title to solidify its credibility and moral impact on the recipient's behalf. The title you should decide on a sports certificate must correspond to what it's for. For instance, if the certificate is an appreciation for an individual's sportsmanship, you can title it "Certificate of Appreciation." And if if it's a recognition of an individual's participation in a sports program, you can title it "Certificate of Participation."

4. Beautify The Recipient's Name

If you are to imagine a sports certificate as a movie, then the recipient's name is the main protagonist. In other words, the recipient's name is the certificate's center of attraction. For that very reason, you must depict the name in style. What you must do is enlarge its font size until it becomes the most conceivable text on the editable certificate, and set stylish fonts for it. By using MS Word, you'll have a library of elegant font style choices.

5. Write A Brief Description About The Recipient's Feats

The viewers of the simple certificate may want to know what the recipient did to deserve the certificate. For that reason, it's essential to write a brief description of it below the recipient's name. Here are examples of how it should appear: "For his/her participation in the July 2019 Yoga and Tranquility Program", or "For being the top-scorer of the 2019 Inter-Town Basketball Tournament."

6. Use Sports Certificate Templates

Another step that you must do when it comes to creating a sports certificate is designing it. However, you don't have to worry about designing one if you use our sports certificate templates. With the help of our ready-made certificate templates, what you only need to do is inject your specifications.

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