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How to Design a Sports Flyer Template in Microsoft Word?

In a survey from 2010-2018, the percentage of Americans engaged in leisure and sports per day amounted to a whopping 95.6%. More than 90% of the population participate in sports-related activities such as exercise, sports games, and sports tryouts. In this spectrum, communicating and socializing about sports activity can be acknowledged as part of the engagement. As seen here, Americans have a deep liking for sports, whether it's soccer, basketball, baseball, football, or volleyball.

Super Bowl is one of the largest televised events in the US, with over 11 million TV viewers, and the profits of ads are immensely higher. For business in this line of work, it's great to embark in ways that could gather more audience. Getting people to your events is one thing, and having people come over for your establishment's tournament is another advantage.

1. Determine the Sports Event

People love sports, not only watching them on television or online through mobile devices but also playing the game itself. Furthermore, people pay large amounts of money, even when it's the most expensive baseball ticket to see their favorite star athletes. The youth are being encouraged to join the sports club or participate in a summer sports camp. It goes to show how people are in love with sports. For your simple flyer, you need to pinpoint the sports game you will be having or hosting if it's a Pay-Per-View method. Make sure to define if the event is a tournament, a one-time game, or an ongoing series.

2. Gather the Information About the Upcoming Game

Whether organized by your company or a private telecast of a game, it is vital to have the complete details of the upcoming event. Check the information about the match, and recheck if necessary. Cite the teams that will be competing and their standing in the league. The date, time, and location of the event should be visible in the poster, including the price of the entrance. In creating your sports flyer template in Microsoft Word, decide on how the series of information should fit perfectly in your design. And notice the font styles and sizes to use also.

3. Choose the Best Image(s) for Your Flyer

There are many ways to make your sample flyer stand out. One of the efficient ways to do so includes striking graphics, attention-catching images, and well-blended colors. The photograph becomes the layer of your creative layout. Even a picture of an athlete working out in the gym, a basketball player doing physical activities, or running the tracks can spark interest. Choose a photo not only for the quality it portrays for your business but also because of its depth.

4. Try Something Unique

As part of your business marketing strategy, you can explore new ways of promoting your events. You can try doing different graphics styles, including minimalist patterns and geometric shapes. Veer from your usual poster design, and create a distinct branding for your company. You can also opt for a layout which is about the seasons of the year. Or you can try a format that centers on a particular color gradient and font sizes. Select the best scheme that matches your desired output.

5. Print and Publish the Sports Flyer

When done with the editing of the sports flyer template, you can go to the next step. Print the materials and distribute them to the target audience. You can also publish the flyer template in different social media outlets. The more people see your promotional flyer, the better for your company - visibility counts.

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