How To Make A Completion Certificate In Adobe Illustrator

In an institution or organization, it is very important for management to give proper acknowledgement to members' training completion. That being said, handing out a completion certificate is the best attestation for undergoing such training. It doesn't only boost the morale of the individual, but also boosts the management-employee relationship within the working environment. In order to make your own organization's completion certificate, we're giving you a how-to guide to make one easily:

1. Use Adobe Illustrator Application

With the advent of high-quality editing software available in the market, it's important to choose the right software for your layout process. We highly suggest you choose Adobe Illustrator in your layout. Adobe Illustrator offers you high-end tools, especially if you opt to inject high-quality vector designs in your certificate layout. Furthermore, when you choose any of our Completion Certificate Templates, all of them can be accessed in the Illustrator file format.

2. Select A Certificate Size And Orientation

Picking the right size use for your certificate is essential especially in your layout. By selecting any of our editable certificate templates, we offer the right size of (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed for your certificates. After choosing the appropriate size for your certificate, you may decide on the orientation that you want to use—whether landscape or portrait orientation.

3. Properly Lay Out Your Completion Certificate

To make your certificates more aesthetically pleasing upon presentation, you also need to consider enhancing the overall look of your document. Select the best design elements that you want to incorporate on your certificate designs. We also suggest that you relate your design to your company's brand scheme to integrate consistency and awareness to your label. Modern certificates also impact the marketing aspect of a company, so consider integrating your brand.

4. Insert Proper Content.

When referring to our sample certificates, the content don't need to be wordy or lengthy. When formulating your certificate content, make sure that you convey everything in a direct tone. Also, don't forget to include the very important citations such as the name of the awardee or recipient, the fitting title, date, venue, and the award description.

5. Validate The Certificate

As a form of a formal document, you have to ensure the legitimacy of your award certificate. After you finalize the overall look of your completion certificate, you need to include the vital signatories that would verify your certificate's legitimacy. You may also add the logo or seal of your company.

6. Print Your Completion Certificate

In the print production stage, you have to ensure the best quality of your print material. There are different print papers you can opt to choose upon your certificate production. Choose the right card stock or paper stock that would make your certificate more durable. Furthermore, take the time to look at our available printable certificates that are accessible in any of your printing devices.

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