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How To Create A Gift Certificate In Adobe Indesign

A gift certificate is a recorded-value money card, generally issued by a merchant or store, used as an outlet to pay for transactions within a specific shop or associated business. Business owners or companies also issue gift certificates as incentives or rewards. It can also be released as part of a marketing strategy by stores and marketing companies to encourage the customer to visit or return to their shop. Gift certificates are usually only redeemable for transactions at the specific retail outlets. It can not be traded out and could be subject to a due date or charges in certain situations.

Gain new customers and keep the loyalty of your customers by issuing a gift certificate. Start making a gift certificate for your business that will fit a special occasion like Christmas, graduation, wedding, birthday, or any event. Use any of our gift certificate templates that are displayed above and follow our steps provided below.

1. Research The Market

Releasing a gift certificate is such a big step and will significantly affect the sales of your business. It will either have good or bad results, so before you take that big step, research the market first. Doing research will help you come up with a good marketing strategy plan. Once you are done with the research, you will be able to identify the dos and don'ts of your gift certificate.

2. Determine Your Target Audience

Since you are done conducting research, it will be easy for you to identify the perfect target audience for your gift certificate. The purpose of knowing your target audience is for accuracy. Releasing a gift certificate to the wrong audience will result in the failure of the gift certificate. Other companies are playing safe and will only distribute their gift certificates to their loyal customers. Others will take the risk and will hand-out the certificate to random people.

3. Decide For Discount Or Freebies

There are gift certificates that offer a certain number of discount percentages to a specified product or service. Others also provide specific freebies when you purchase or avail of a service or an item. This process will be easy since you already come up with a marketing strategy plan. Your strategy informs you of what will be suitable for your sales and what is perfect for the audience.

4. Customize A Gift Certificate Template

You already took the previous steps, so it is time for you to form the gift certificate. Scroll through our gallery of gift certificate templates and choose what you deem perfect for your plan. We have tons of templates that you can customize and be yours for eternity. Once you are done selecting the ideal template for you, start customizing it using Adobe Design. This software is perfect for making any design documents like a gift certificate because it is made for design making.

5. Incorporate Branding Design

The primary purpose of every release of a gift certificate is not for the customers but the promotion and advertisement of the business. The customer's benefit is only a secondary purpose. To achieve the success of your advertisement, incorporating branding is the best way. Insert your company or product logo, the name of your business, contact information, and location in the gift certificate. You can arrange them neatly by making it as the letterhead of the gift certificate.

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