How to Make Medical Certificates in Apple Pages

Medical certificates are written reports provided by a physician or any registered medical practitioner that certifies results of any medical procedures or examinations for patients. It also works as documentation for various purposes. To make medical certificates, you only need a format or sample, a trusted online editor, and these guidelines to start designing your own:

1. Research

Medical certificates have several usages: employment, occupation leave, legal procedures, tax purposes, health claims, among many others. It can also be used to describe a person's illness or announce an individual free from diseases or if they are fit to work. You should know what kind of medical certificate you are going to make as they are varied from each other. Specifically, this will also help you look for the right format where you'll base your certificate upon writing its contents.

2. Use Precise and Correct Medical Terminology

Today's patients are equipped with knowledge of several biomedical terms, though they may not know what is it that they are reading about unless they went to medical school or explained to them by doctors. If you doubt about your knowledge of medical jargon, do not hesitate and consult a real physician. Or better yet, if you are connected to a school or company, you can always contact the resident doctor for confirmation. You can avoid using complex medical jargon altogether. However, you should have already found friendly lexis that will still relate to the diagnosis of a patient and relay it to them with an expert's help. Make sure that every diagnosis is precise, correct, and with physical evidence like laboratory exams results, past medical history, or recurring symptoms, can back up any diagnostic issues. Do not try to fake results to favor a patient or other people because it could lead to jeopardy, or worst case, a lawsuit.

3. Write Accurate Details

Again, when you are writing a medical document, you need to practice precision. Write down the exact name of the patient, his or her diagnosis, and the final result. If you are dealing with cases that could be categorized as differential diagnostics, provide further details. For pregnant women who apply for maternity benefits, leave or travel clearance, indicate gestation terms or stage of pregnancy and due date if she's in her third trimester. For pilots or airmen, write what class they belong to and for when the medical certificate is valid. They still need to perform physical flying exams to validate their certificates, so you have to write the evaluation grade precisely as it is to prove if they are capable of flying air vehicles.

4. Design and Print

When you've completed all the tips above, it's time for you to make the certificate. Look for online certificate editors on the Internet that you can use to start your design. For first-time users, you can begin by using Apple Pages available in Mac or any iOS. It has tutorials online so you will be guided along as you make your design. A medical certificate has to have a lot of white spaces for it to be readable and valid. However, you can play with fonts. After that, you can now print it and present it to your patient.

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