How to Create a Seating Chart in Apple Pages?

A seating chart is a type of infographic visual tool that lets you interpret the seating arrangement of the people in an event. Usually, a seating chart is used in a classroom, a wedding, and much more. It may seem overwhelming to create one, it would be simpler if you follow the basics. For reference, follow this guideline to grasp on creating a personal seating chart.

1. Scan And Observe The Venue

To start your seating chart, navigate the venue, and pick out its essential details. It is a crucial factor for your seating arrangement as you can determine the quantity of the seats to fill out. For instance, if you are making a seating chart for a classroom, take note of the center round table of the teacher and consider each student that will seat in designated places.

2. Make An Occupants' Checklist

After scanning the venue, make a checklist for those people who would occupy it. Check those people who confirmed that they would attend the event. Or if it is in class, confirm as to how many students are enrolled. In that way, you can determine if you will arrange them in alphabetical order or height. There are also cases wherein a guest will need special attention (pregnant, elderly, or handicapped), make sure that they are placed in a comfortable seat. Also, place them near the exit, aisle, or isolate them from crowded people as it would be uncomfy for them.

3. Categorize Your Guests

After determining the quantity of the guests, you can now categorize them. E.g., in a wedding, the best wedding seating chart ideas is to sort people who are acquainted or related to each other. Unlike in a class, you must arrange them alphabetically so that they can interact with other peers.

4. Draft Your Seating Chart

After executing these essential factors, draft the format of your seating chart. Make the data gathered as your reference for your seating chart draft. Shoehorn the data collected and draw the possible designated seats of the guests. But remember that this is only a draft and expect for gaps and revisions.

5. Pick A Template

If you tend to want a preformatted seating chart, you can visit for a wide variety of available seating chart that you can download. Whether you need a wedding seating chart templates or table seating chart templates, got you covered. They offer you premium, high-quality, and 100% customizable chart templates that are beautifully-designed just for you for any occasion anytime and anywhere.

6. Launch Your Apple Pages

To start piecing up together your work, you can now launch your Apple Pages app on your Mac devices. Apple Pages let you easily navigate your document, style your text, and many more. You can now sketch your diorama, graphs, tables, guests' names, and arrange them according to your preference. Afterward, you can save your work and remain it as an online format or you can print it in any printing devices (commercially or personally) accessible.

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