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What Is A Seating Chart?

A seating chart is an arrangement of seats assigned to people in an event like wedding receptions, birthday party venues, concerts, conferences, and more. This chart serves as a directory for organizers to where people should be seated. The advantage of having a seating chart is it helps the arrangement of guests so that the venue's space will be utilized. A typical seating chart has numbers designated to every guest. 

How to Make A Seating Chart?

If you want to produce a useful seating chart, first, you must be prepared and fill your bag with stuff that shall help you. However, without the help of other essential tools like the best graphics editing software or the right word processing application, you'll end up finishing a half-acted output. The solution to your need for the best seating chart will be provided by the list of steps that we made for you. Here's an enumerated guide that we hope to help you make the best seating chart. 

1. Gather the Information That You Need

The most important thing before starting the actual seating chart is to gather the information that you will need in starting it. Make a list of some of the few things you must know like the location of the event, the capacity of the venue, the number of people who will attend, and, in some circumstances, the name of the guests. You have to make sure that the data you had will be accommodated in your chart. Make sure that not to miss out on any of these. 

2. Start Working With An Organizer

Once you have the pieces of information you need, start working with the organizer of the event you're making a seating chart with. Make time to discuss the needs that must be addressed. For example, if you are planning a music event, and the number of people exceeds the capacity of the venue, the organizer needs to plan out what's their next move. If there are changes, your seating chart will be affected, and you must anticipate with a plan B. 

3. Start Designating the Seats

Now, if everything is already set: the number of guests, number of seats, and the venue, you can start designating the people to their respective guests. In some events, you can let strangers sit together on the same table. However, that must depend on your activity, because paid events like concerts, attendees can pay for their seats. Just don't forget to number the seats so it will be accessible. 

4. Make an Outline of Your Chart; Use a Template. 

Outlining the seating chart will depend on the available space in your venue. Arrange the seats according to the area of the event venue. As you draft, make sure to be mindful of the number of event-goers. As you finish the outline, continue to download a template. Choose the best template for your event. Make sure to get a template from a reliable source. 

5. Finalize the Seating Chart 

When done, go back to your seating chart and review everything. Check your list if you've completed your task. Once you hit all of the to-do things, then you're done with your seating chart.