Honoring is one of the good attributes that shouldn't be neglected by anyone. The Bible tells us to "Honor thy father and mother." It doesn't matter if they are your physical parents or not, spiritual parents count. Who do you treat as your leaders in your church? Are you regarding them as one in your walk in the faith? If you are new in your church, let us help you identify these individuals through our Church Organizational Chart templates. These chart templates are downloadable and customizable in Microsoft Word. Readily print them in A3, A4, and US letter paper sizes and landscape orientation style. Be obedient to your fathers and mothers in faith!

How to Make a Church Organizational Chart in Word

Churches are our second home. They give us comfort in times of despair, cheers with us in our victories. They are family. They will be with us in our ups and downs. Who are the people who initiate to comfort or talk to you? They are surely your leaders. You’ll understand more of them with Google Sites’ elaboration about the church ministry structure and organization. Below are some guide steps in illustrating a church’s organizational structure.

1. Recognize Church Ministries

Identify the ministries that make up your church organization. If you try to lay them down accordingly, it will trace the organizational structure of your church, which will, later on, be the outline of the organizational chart that you will be making. All the ministries are equal in position except the pastoral staff who manages the church. You cannot recognize all the ministries during a church service because some are working backstage. It will be better to observe them during the service preparation than merely getting the information from the ministry leaders. Make sure that the data you collected coincides with the ministry count.

2. Accumulate Information about the Ministry Members

Name the people in the leadership and make a list of the members serving with them in every ministry. Do they have specific appointments in their ministries, or are they all general members? Choose between including the names of each member or just the positions assigned to them. A complex or a simple organizational chart? It’s up to your congregation. If you choose to include the information of the individual ministry members, you can add their photos as well to make them more recognizable in your church community. Accumulate these details, and you are now ready to transfer them to the organizational chart.

3. Usher the Details on the Organizational Chart

Get the organizational chart ready. Assemble it in Microsoft Word by generating flowchart shapes and lines from Word’s insert menu. Arrange them respectively to assemble the church hierarchy, starting from the church administration down to the different ministries involved in its operation. Wherever and whatever type the church may be, there is always a level of authority. This is to instill the attitude of honoring in the church members’ character.
Produce the organizational chart instantaneously through our church organizational chart templates. They are readily downloadable and customizable in Microsoft Word. Get them for free now!

4. Give Life to the Chart. Personalize It!

This church organizational chart doesn’t have to look dull. You can actually design it into a modern chart. If you’re going to display it in your church hall, the chart must be noticeable. Aside from printing it in a large printing material, apply personalizations to it. You can put the church logo on it, apply the church’s theme color to the shape fills or outlines. You may also retain the built-in design of the chart template if you have downloaded one earlier. Get more of your church document needs with our easily obtainable templates here on our website.

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