Church Flyers Word Templates

Download These Microsoft Word Templates via! Whether For a Bible Study, Church Anniversary, or Worship Night, Use Our Free Church Flyer Word Templates Real Quick! Like Posters and Brochure Templates, Enjoy Customizing the Graphics of These Premade Free Church Anniversary or Bible Event Flyers, Like Editing in PSD, Too!See more

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  • Let everyone know of an upcoming church event by creating an eye-catching and informative flyer. You can download one of our premium flyer templates that are ready-made and professionally designed with the users in mind. The files are easy to use and fully customizable in Microsoft Word. Available in (US) 8.5x11 inches with bleed. We have an assortment of templates that are perfect for church conferences, Easter Sunday events, prayer services, revival events, gospel worship concerts, and others. Print ready and can be shared digitally. The templates can be downloaded instantly anytime, anywhere, at any device, for free!

    How to Create Church Flyers in Microsoft Word

    Religious groups such as Christianity celebrate various events within a year. These events include anniversaries of the church and feasts. Flyers are practical tools in disseminating information about the upcoming activities. Pamphlets can also double as invitations as church-held events are free for all so formal invitations are not necessary.

    1. List Down Important Details

    Any advertising material needs to contain the necessary and correct details about the event. Even if your poster, bi-fold or tri-fold brochure, or flyer is visually engaging, it should include accurate data to be effective. The necessary information should be the name of the event, both the date and location and the name of the guest speaker or pastor, if applicable.

    2. Follow the Typographic Hierarchy

    Following the design concept of Typographic Hierarchy, bold and decorative font styles demand more attention and therefore is ideal for headings, titles, and event names. In a flyer that is for upcoming church anniversary, it is perfect to maximize the font size of the name of the church and the number of years that has been present. Smaller fonts with basic styles are for the details. The additional information is written using these font styles. Following the hierarchy also dictates the reader which news to read first and which follows.

    3. Avoid the Use of Jargon

    Most church events aim to gather people, especially the youth, who are not yet part of the community. With this goal in mind, it is crucial to use simple words to relay the message. As much as possible, avoid the words or statements make your organization seem inclusive. Avoiding is not an easy task because of the familiarity of the terms, but evading these terms may increase the number of your invites. This task is not only for church-related events; this should also be done with corporate events, too. 

    4. Include Engaging Pictures

    Photographs have various roles in advertising. One, it attracts and maintains attention. Second, it marks an impression on the onlooker. Church-related events have the notion of being tedious and drab. A picture can change that notion easily by providing a vibrant and cheery one in your marketing flyers.

    5. Double-Check

    Once all the elements of the flyer are present, it is best to check the accuracy of the details. Also, do not forget to check both spelling and grammar. Your church flyer should both be visually appealing and data accurate. Having errors in your pamphlets may decrease its appeal. The onlookers may also develop a contrary motion about your organization and lead to a decrease in your company's credibility because of an overlooked mistake.

    6. Print and Distribute

    Most promotional flyers are printed on high-quality bond papers to have produce crisp details, mainly if it uses a quality picture. However, the type of document and the flyer size it up to you. One the other hand, the effectivity of flyers depends much on its distribution. It is best to pinpoint a particular audience, and they will be the priority. Additionally, as you designed your pamphlet to be inclusive, hand out your materials to those who are not part of the target demographic. The number of turn out may surprise you.