One of the most sacred places where people find sanctuary is the church. It's a place for peace, love, and spiritual growth. But sadly, not all people realize that. So, invite more people to visit your church with this amazing multitude of Ready-Made Church Brochure Templates in Word. These are 100% customizable, easily editable, printable, and beautifully designed. These templates will surely promote your beautiful and humble church. You can draw more attention from people to visit your church. Print these in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed. Change people's lives! Download one of these brochures now!

How to Make a Church Brochure in Word

There have been theories why people on this planet have religions. Whatever these theories may be, we can't deny the fact that religions have positive impacts on people's mental healths, as some studies observed. The thing is, mentally or spiritually, attending a religious meeting or place is something we should look forward to. For churches, it's their goal to acquire many people as possible to join them in their vision of transforming lives, together with the Higher Being. Unfortunately, Statista reveals that Americans who never visit churches or temples are 28%. So, let's lessen that number by inviting more people to visit your church through church brochures.

Here are some tips and guidelines on how to make your church brochure inviting:

1. Know Your Target Audience

The primary purpose of the simple brochure is to be read. But, sometimes people don't want to check a brochure, merely because it doesn't speak to them. The only way to solve that is to know who you're making the brochure for. Cater the leaflet to a specific target audience. This way, you can grab people's attention, and giving the printed material a bigger chance of being read.

2. Highlight the Headline

One of the elements of a church brochure that first catches the attention of people is the headline. But, making a headline requires your creativity side. You have to make a short phrase that talks about the church's purpose. That phrase has to appeal to people through the creative brochure. Don't make a headline that doesn't reflect your church for the sake of making a catchy one.

3. Make It Creative

Aside from words, you can communicate through the church brochure design. If you want your target audience to glance at the brochure, then make it beautiful. You have to select the right colors and images for the material. Limit the advertising brochure colors to two to three colors. You can also scan other church leaflets to get church brochure ideas from those.

4. Tell about the Church

For people to know about your church, you have to share something about it. Share about the church's goals, mission, and vision. You can also tell about its youth group or youth ministry, praise and worship ministry, and outreach programs. List the church's services like confirmation, wedding, funeral services, and confirmation. In this part, you have to communicate directly. Don't write the whole history of the church or its achievements. You can just make a summary of these things and put them on the brochure.

5. Use High-Quality Paper

The paper you'll use for the printable brochure would reflect your church. So, when you print the brochure, always use high-quality paper. Paper can range from Paper Stock, Glossy, Card Stock, to Matte. Choose what you think is best and use it. Don't forget to review the flyer before you print it. Make as many copies as you want. Then, you can distribute the brochures to people.

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