A dirty surrounding makes it harder for individuals to work and focus. And sometimes, a company does not have a cleaning staff to take care of the cleaning itself. If you are a company that provides cleaning services to corporate offices alike, use our site's Cleaning Proposal Templates that are fully editable and printable. These templates are available in A4 and US letter sizes and in select file formats. See how versatile our templates are? What are you waiting for? Propose your cleaning services now by using one of our cleaning proposal templates!

How to Make a Cleaning Proposal

According to Sweptworks, when making a cleaning proposal, don't try to win customers by being the cheapest cleaning service provider in the market. Wanna know why? Not only you'll be making up for the revenue loss, but customers will question the work quality that you offer, considering its low price. Instead, set a reasonable price for your services and provide your customers what they bargained for. Here on our website, we don't want you feeling left out. That's why we have gathered helpful tips for you to create your very own professional proposal:

1. Provide Your Company's Background

Every simple proposal starts with a company's background. Provide a brief background of your company's humble beginnings up to its current standing. Emphasize what type of commercial cleaning you offer: office cleaning, residential cleaning, exterior cleaning, etc. Let the customers understand why you are committed to providing cleaning services to them.

2. State Your Services and Its Pricing Schemes

This section should tackle all the cleaning services you offer and its pricing schemes. You may also provide what the services (e.g., pressure washing, carpet cleaning, etc.) include, such as the cleaning equipment, the cleaning supplies, and the cleaning products to compensate for the pricing scheme. Remember to be as transparent as possible as to why your prices are set the way they are set.

3. State What Makes You Unique

Businesses will always have their competitors. One way of convincing your customers to choose you is to emphasize what makes you different from your competitors. You may include a market analysis in your sample proposal to help your customers understand.

4. Speak to Your Clients

Empathize with your clients about their problems regarding their cleaning and sanitary problems. Most customers are emotional buyers, which means they would go for products and services that they can relate to. Include in your business proposal how committed you are to providing solutions to their problems.

5. Include Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a surefire way of hooking your prospective customers in. They have the power to convince your customers to avail of your services. If you have previously provided cleaning services to big companies, then include them in your services proposal.

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