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How to Create a Cleaning Flyer in Microsoft Word?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your surroundings is beneficial to your well being and of the people who are in the same area. Although cleaning is a not-so-difficult task, other people don’t have the luxury of time to do so. This is when cleaning service companies take the responsibility of keeping your house, car, or establishment organized and tidied up. There are plenty of companies that offer cleaning services to individuals and business entities. Several examples of these services are driveway cleaning, general cleaning, commercial cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and household cleaning.

If you are managing a cleaning service company, you should note that the presence of competition in the industry is indisputable. For this reason, you should take measures to promote your business to the public. One way to effectively advertise your business is through distributing flyers. But before that, you should first create a compelling flyer design which prompts the target market to do business with you. To help you with that, we have listed five simple ways to create a flyer for your company.

1. Launch Microsoft Word

You don’t need a complicated editing software to come up with an attractive flyer design. Even though Microsoft Word is a word processor, it features multiple tools that will enable users to incorporate artworks on a document. After opening the program, set the dimensions of the document to 8.5 inches x 11 inches or letter size—this is the standard size for flyers.

2. Select Color Scheme and Typeface

Select a color scheme that will help you communicate your brand values. Since we are talking about cleanliness, it would be an excellent choice to make use of white in your design. White has been known to symbolize purity and cleanliness. For the selection of typefaces, make sure that they are legible. Also, limit your font and color choices to three.

3. Type Necessary Details

In writing the details on your flyer, you first need to think of a catchy headline. A powerful headline encourages the recipients of your brochure to read its content from beginning to end. Arrange the information of your flyer starting from the most important one down to the least important. Talk about the janitorial services or cleaning services your business offers without occupying the whole page; this means that you should maintain concision in writing information. Moreover, you should specify the type of cleaning service you offer—is it for a carpet, house, office, or window?

4. Show Comparison

In your flyer, you can show the quality of the service you offer by attaching photos that show comparison. You may include a picture of a household before and after your staff did the cleaning. However, it is not really necessary to do so. You can just attach a photo of a cleaner and more organized place as a result of your service.

5. Include a Call to Action

An effective advertising campaign provokes an immediate response from the target market. Therefore, you need to include a call to action statement in your flyer. Without a call to action, an advertisement may lose its purpose. Also, don’t forget to include the basic details of your company, such as company name, address, and contact information.

6. Proofread and Print

Proofreading your document is one vital step to a successful marketing campaign. An error-free advertising material increases the credibility of your business and shows professionalism to potential customers. After making sure that the content of your flyer is error-free, print it on a high-quality paper.

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